"The Sam Esty Rayner Releases"


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Admittedly FWD beat me to it here but this is just a different interpretation of the same idea...getting all the "lost" demos from the last few years that SER has leaked into in one place. I've also included the ones that have come out since the leaking started in 2018 or whatever, too. These are all ripped from the videos at the highest available quality, edited tastefully to minimize superfluous silence at the beginning/end of the tracks, and normalized as a group with regard to volume.

I actually kind of like this li'l E.P. I don't get why these songs are getting so much shit. I mean yeah they're not his best work but they're a pretty nice little treat. It's like...obviously he knows this is not home-run material. I think they're cool little tracks. Everybody is acting so pissed because none of these are, like, Panic or something.

I truly think the dude's put out his best work in the last decade. If some duds get cranked out along the way, so what?

Morrissey "The Same Esty Rayner Releases"

1. Blue Dreamer's Eyes
2. Once Upon A Woman's Body
3. You Don't Need Their Approval
4. Brow Of My Beloved (alternate mix)
5. If Saturday Ever Comes
6. I Couldn't Understand Why People Laughed
7. By The Time I Get To Wherever I'm Going

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@Arnold Friend - really appreciate this - thank you and nice cover! I mentioned in one of the threads that I really don't get the hate and negativity for these tracks. These are merely a bonus to what we already have... it doesn't take anything away.


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"I Couldn't Understand Why People Laughed" is the only one that I really like a lot and think should have been released
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