The REAL Confessions Thread

that's not really what hte song is about. i've always understood it to be jarvis comparing pop stardom to hardcore pornography.
I confess to doing something extremely naughty and there will be repurcussions.:(
ok i confess... i dont really like morrissey, i'm just here for the babes. and posts about rourke/joyce.
The John Terry thing reminded me of something.I can't claim this for myself it was a couple of mates years ago.(so much happened years ago)
They were both sleeping with the same Girl.They both knew about each other but she didn't.
They would take it in turns.She used to boast to her mates about it.I knew this because one of her mates was my girlfriend at the time.I never let on.When it all came out my girlfriend asked why I never told her.I told her I knew she would her mate.Plus my mates were having a good time.She said you don't trust me and you think more of your mates than me.I agreed.Needless to say the relationship was finished.Strange creatures,with or without them.:D
I love the song, it's just


I don't think T S Eliot would approve of that shlock. But it served my musical rebus nicely.
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I did the deadly on the sofa with my mate's girlfriend while he was sorting her sister out on the sly in the back seat of a car round the corner. he gave me his blessing to go ahead and sleep with her while he hatched a plot to seduce her sister. Me and him met up afterwards and laughed our heads off over a pot of tea.
Things got even more weird a few months later when me, him and his by then estranged girlfriend ended up in a threesome. :thumb:

I'm just confessing. I've kept it in for so long....:confused:
I don't think T S Eliot would approve of that shlock.

Plate techtonics is a bunch of bullshit. Earthquakes really come from TS Eliot turning in his grave everytime Memory is played. :straightface:
try helium
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