"The Queen Is Dead" turns 34 today (June 16, 2020)

Famous when dead


No major news or articles, just recognition of an album that a lot of people here still listen to weekly all these years later.​
Despite following from the outset and probably preferring MIM from time to time, collecting this from the local record shop and listening to it from end to end was...​
Well, I'm still here talking about it today aren't I!?​
The gigs were brilliant circa 85/86 and chasing around after Morrissey was a fun occupation, but listening to the music in the privacy of my own head was something else - this album was immense.​
Of all their catalogue, this is the one I listen to from start to finish. A masterpiece - perhaps? The subjective arguers will chime in no doubt, but it probably deserves its high standing in so many 'best album ever' polls throughout the years.​


If you have any memories of buying the album today or anything at all to share about The Queen Is Dead - please feel free.​

10 talking heads re: each track.

Definitely a masterpiece, no question about it. I remember getting it (green vinyl, I think) & playing it to death.

Features one of the most beautiful songs ever written:

Great days; great album.

All the lies about makeup and long hair are still there”

Happy B-day !

younger than most of us here, and will live on long after us to inspire and make the next generation of misfits to feel a little less alone in this world.



i was 22,where did all the tme go.great album.
I'd stick with Strangeways for I think the band was getting stronger musically but The Queen Is Dead is such a brick through the window! Everything's definitive from the speed of the opening number to the hurtful blues of Never Had...
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