"The Queen Is Dead" turns 30 - articles on Pitchfork, NME

Not sure if these were reported already...

The Smiths were way more subsversive than we (and David Cameron) care to remember - Pitchfork (The Pitch)
The Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead Annotated for 30th Anniversary: Watch - Pitchfork (Liner Notes documentary)

Links from an anonymous person:

The Incredible Full Story Behind The Smiths' 'The Queen Is Dead' As Told By The Band - NME
You might be able to recite every lyric off by heart, but how well do you really know ‘The Queen is Dead’? Did you know, for example, that the Stones, The Stooges and spliffs all helped shape its sound? Or that Linda McCartney and a bald trumpeter nearly joined the group? The Smiths themselves talk us through their masterpiece…

'The Queen Is Dead' at 30: Marr, Rourke, Joyce And More Pick Their Favourite Songs - NME
30 years on, The Smiths' 'Queen Is Dead' is still a morbid, witty and stunning example of the Manchester and indie icons at the top of their game. We love it so much, we named it the best album ever back in 2013. But which bit does Johnny Marr like the best? And how about Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce? We put the question to them, the other people who were involved with the seminal record, and the famous fans who simply adore it, to get their vote on the album's finest moment.
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The first article is excellent. I totally agree with the author.
So do I. The video was more generic fact-hashing. Not much by way of new finds -- but then again, the album has been pored over for 30 years now, nearly everything that can be said about the album has already been said.
The Pitchfork article must have been written by a robot. It's a mere cut-and-paste of Smiths song lyrics, joined together with autopilot pontification.
Promotional video from Pitchfork featuring the liner notes from the forthcoming reissue. Pretty basic stuff, but of interest is right at the end of the video, we get what appears to be a snippet of previously unreleased studio banter from the recording session between Mike Joyce and Johnny Marr (sounds like Mike dropped a drumstick?)


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