"The Queen Is Dead" documentary DVD - is it worth buying?

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I saw the DVD at a local shop. Is there anything in it that is noteworthy or special that this item should be purchased?

this is the description from passions:
This documentary DVD on the making of the Smiths' classic album "The Queen Is Dead" was released in the summer of 2008. It features rare footage of The Smiths, studio and live recordings of every track on the album, revealing interviews with band members and many others who worked with them on the record, footage of and comment on the pivotal influences on the music and lyrics, and comment, criticism and review from engineer and co-producer Stephen Street, guitarist Craig Gannon, Tony Wilson, Johnny Rogan, Len Browne, Professor Steven Logan, Brett Anderson, Gavin Hopps, Douglas Noble and Smiths' road manager Grant Showbiz. (UK PAL-region 0: Sexy Individual SIDVD538)

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