"The Queen Is Dead" Box Set promo items (slipmat, tote) & Joyce competition

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By Famous when dead on Oct 18, 2017 at 6:53 AM
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    Mike Joyce is running a competition to win a slipmat or bag:

    The items have made it in to record shops too (availability unknown):




    A general discussion point, but could well go in collector's corner too - looks like there's a quantity of items to collect alongside the box set.
    Several IG posts would imply the items will be given away with the set - let's hope so.

    (source: Joyce & various Instagrams).
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    1. Uncleskinny
      Look who's back! The stalker! Did you ever get the help you needed? Well, obviously not.
    2. Tom Tom Club
      Tom Tom Club
      Was it Andy Rourke who treated Craig Gannon badly? I would imagine Andy Rourke was probably very angry with Craig Gannon because he was brought in as his replacement and he might of been a bit jealous of him.

      I heard that Johnny Marr wasn't that nice to Craig Gannon back in that day. I find that surprising though. But it might of been because Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke are old school friends they go way back. Maybe Johnny Marr felt some kind of loyalty towards Andy Rourke.

      I think that Morrissey was nice to Craig Gannon back in the day. These days though it seems to be the other way round. Johnny Marr seems to like Craig Gannon and he regrets that he treated him badly in the past. Morrissey doesn't seem to like Craig Gannon much anymore. Maybe this is something to do money? I'm not totally sure though. I think that it was Craig Gannon who gave Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke the idea to take Morrissey to court. Craig Gannon was the catalyst the instigator.

      That is my take on it anyway. I might be wrong though.
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    3. Tom Tom Club
      Tom Tom Club
      Why is that?
    4. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      I really do not feel like going into this today, or ever again, to be honest. It is my opinion and nothing more. I will put this here for you to read, or for anyone else who wishes to read it. It is certainly nothing new. I know a lot of fans judge this harshly simply because it’s Morrissey’s view, but I feel Morrissey knows more about this case than any of us ever could. I also believe Marr agrees with this statement.

      And by the way, I’m quite aware of when, what, where, and why...and I have nothing more to say on this subject.

    5. g23
      Because they weren't in the band, so it's a bit mental to be angry over situations that don't affect them.
      The break up of The Smiths involves exactly four people. Same with the court case.
      It may be sad that it worked out that way for all concerned, but I have zero stake in any of their lives.
    6. Tom Tom Club
      Tom Tom Club
      Thank you for your reply. I'm very much on Morrissey side always and I'm even on Johnny Marr's side when it comes to this issue.

      I just think people are naive about Andy Rourke because he also has a part to play in this. Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke are friends they work together!

      People are mistaken if they think Andy Rourke doesn't care about The Smiths' money/royalties. Andy Rourke does care very much about the money. This is taken from an Andy Rourke interview see below:

      But young people come in with the Smiths T-shirts on. Does that shock you?

      Andy Rourke: "It does because I never get cut in on the merchandise. For every T-shirt I see, I think, shit, I should get 25 percent of that. I’m going to walk around with scissors. Cut 25 percent of your T-shirt."

      Do you talk to [former Smiths drummer] Mike Joyce?

      Andy Rourke: "Yeah, all the time."

      It was NOT out of the kindness of Andy Rourke's heart or a love for Morrissey that he settled out of court for £83, 000 it was because he was in financial difficulty at the time. Not long after Andy Rourke accepted the out of court settlement he was declared bankrupt by the courts so he must of been in a lot of debt. My point is Andy Rourke didn't accept the out of court settlement because of some kind of loyalty or love for Morrissey it was because he was in financial difficulty!

      Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke are good friends. Johnny Marr seems to be friends with Andy Rourke again these days because they are old school friends they go way back. Johnny Marr doesn't seem to like Mike Joyce at all though anymore because of the court case. Morrissey doesn't like Mike Joyce or Andy Rourke at all anymore because of the court case. Morrissey and Johnny Marr still seem to get on I think they still have some sort of a friendship.
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    7. Uncleskinny
      Andrea - if you keep going on about Andy Rourke again, I'm going to ban you, just like on previous occasions. You have been warned.
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    8. Anonymous
      So, you believe this person needs some kind of help and the best you can do is draw attention to them on a forum and name call them?
      Not very nice.At all.
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    9. Billbones80
    10. Anonymous
    11. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Had been looking for these for my iTunes since release date, and thought others may want them too.




      Also made this one for the 10 live tracks made available through youtube/spotify in the lead up to release date.

    12. Jonovark
      Thanks Irregular.

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