"The Queen Is Dead" Box Set promo items (slipmat, tote) & Joyce competition

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By Famous when dead on Oct 18, 2017 at 6:53 AM
  1. Famous when dead

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    Dec 7, 2000
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    Mike Joyce is running a competition to win a slipmat or bag:

    The items have made it in to record shops too (availability unknown):




    A general discussion point, but could well go in collector's corner too - looks like there's a quantity of items to collect alongside the box set.
    Several IG posts would imply the items will be given away with the set - let's hope so.

    (source: Joyce & various Instagrams).
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    1. Anonymous
      BULLSHIT. You just hate on Mike Joyce because you think Morrissey will marry you. Ain't gonna happen!
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    2. Anonymous
      Your knowledge of drumming is equal to a rat's understanding of the Theory of Relativity. No offence but kindly shut the fuck up and see a specialist about getting your head removed from your ass.
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    3. marred
      I honestly would love one of these slip mats though. Utilising the inner sticker of a record as design for a slip mat is genius. Add to it that it's a Smiths record and well... If it came with the vinyl box set, which it should have I would've bought it for that alone even though I have the Marr remasters.
    4. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Charlie Watts is the best ❤️

      But, anyway...Mike has his place and deserves to be known for it and respected. I just wish things could have been different.

      Money ruins everything.
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    5. Stanley the 2nd
      Stanley the 2nd
    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Money indeed.

      Wasn't Mike in the middle of suing a band he was in when he was joining the Smiths? Should have been a sign to M&Marr.
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    7. Anonymous
      Anybody know how limited the vinyl set is? I would really like to own it but wondering if it can be pushed off til Christmas.
    8. marred
    9. saintssmileshyly
      You fucking coward- put a username and a location on here. We’ll hash out the details... in the interim, hide behind your computer screen- you are a disgusting scab on humanity’s ass
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    10. saintssmileshyly
      I have to say- I really like this Ketamine Sun person.
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    11. Tom Tom Club
      Tom Tom Club
      I think that Mike Joyce is dishonest and he seems to be into accumulating a lot of money for himself and his family.

      I very much dislike Andy Rourke and some of the people who are around him.

      I don't personally think there will ever be a Smiths reunion at least not with Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke still in the group there is way too much bad blood.

      I'm not sure that Craig Gannon would be asked to be back in the group either but who really knows though.
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    12. g23
      I don't personally have problems with any of them. I wasn't in the band. People who do, kind of weird me out.
      I've just been thinking with all of the cheerleading that Mike does, it's got to be an odd lonely feeling seeing Johnny & Morrissey doing their thing, and being the "me too" guy when they wouldn't call him to help move a sofa, let alone a drum kit. I like your username, by the way. Great band.
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    13. Tom Tom Club
      Tom Tom Club
      Thank you very much. You are very kind.
    14. Frank Shankly
      Frank Shankly
      No danger Gannon goes back. The guy was treated like shit by the sounds of it as soon as Rourke came back. As for Joyce not being totally honest, same goes for Morrissey and Marr.
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    15. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Well, he never tried to be anything other than the Smiths drummer. Preferring to leach off of Morrissey and Marr's continued success and by selling Smiths rarities on Ebay, etc. He could have been happy to settle, like Andy, but no...

      And then when he didn't get his grubby hands on that last payment (shame on you, Morrissey! Lol) , he decided he should get even MORE money by collecting from Morrissey's income and assets in the UK...

      Truth be known he's worth about 10%. Without Morrissey and Marr, he's nothing.
    16. Uncleskinny
      Tell it to the Judge. Are you a state-appointed judge?
    17. Anonymous
      Look he contributed just as much as the other band members, should’ve been a 25% split four ways. Greedy moz treating his fellow band members like shit. Good on Joyce for taking him to court.
    18. Anonymous
      He did take Moz AND Marr to court and as recently as last year Marr said again that the court action by Mike was wrong and that he is persona non grata for him. But still people moan about greedy Moz.
    19. g23
      I don't personally have problems with any of them. I wasn't in the band. People who do, kind of weird me out.
    20. Tom Tom Club
      Tom Tom Club
      Andy Rourke would of definitely fought on but he had money troubles at the time of the court case. Mike Joyce was actually much more sensible with his money. Mike Joyce was just much better at managing his money that is all. Mike Joyce didn't fritter his money away, in the way that Andy Rourke did! That was why Mike Joyce was able to fight on but Andy Rourke couldn't. The truth is that Andy Rourke would love to be in the same position financially as Mike Joyce is today! Andy Rourke has always wanted to be rich and famous he is NOT a morally better person than Mike Joyce. But I don't think either Mike Joyce or Andy Rourke are totally honest, trustworthy people at all. Andy Rourke settled out of court for £83, 000 and then was made bankrupt by the courts around 1999. I'm guessing Andy Rourke must of been in a lot of debt.

      People are mistaken if they think Andy Rourke doesn't care about money. Andy Rourke does very much care about money! I'm guessing that Andy Rourke got into playing music and being in bands because of the money, the fame and the women. This is taken from an Andy Rourke interview see below:

      But young people come in with the Smiths T-shirts on. Does that shock you?

      Andy Rourke: "It does because I never get cut in on the merchandise. For every T-shirt I see, I think, shit, I should get 25 percent of that. I’m going to walk around with scissors. Cut 25 percent of your T-shirt."

      As early as March 1989, Mike Joyce AND Andy Rourke started legal proceedings against Morrissey and Johnny Marr over performance and recording royalties!

      Is there any point in buying The Smiths music or their merchandise anymore if it is true that all the money goes to Mike Joyce?

      Does some of the money go to Morrissey and Johnny Marr?

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