"The Queen Is Dead" at 30 - God Is In The TV, The Guardian

From The Crate: The Smiths – The Queen is Dead (Rough Trade) - God Is In The TV
By Bill Cummings

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The Queen is Dead: Morrissey's style, 30 years on – stylewatch - The Guardian
by Morwenna Ferrier
The Smiths’ seminal album is 30 years old. From a style perspective, from oversized knits to the quiff, Morrissey (the original sad boy) set the tone for emotionally charged male pop stars

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"emotionally charged male pop stars"...were there any at that time other than Moz? There were "sexually charged", "adrenaline charged", "testosterone charged", etc., but I can't think of another male singer that spoke to and from the heart like he did. He was truly unique in this way. Completely outside the realm of what existed at the time, an anomaly of popular music that would sure to be scrubbed clean off the radio these days. Thank God we were there to find and appreciate it and even more so that he was there to make it.

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