"The Queen Is Dead" (2017 re-issue) promos - bus stop billboards in LA, limited print

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By Famous when dead on Oct 29, 2017 at 10:50 AM
  1. Famous when dead

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    Dec 7, 2000
    Birmingham, U.K.
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    1. Anonymous
      You're a fountain of knowledge and great source of info, but don't take this the wrong way but, do you just patrol the net 24/7 for Morrissey news?
    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Apologies, straying off-topic:
      Free will is a terrible thing ain't it.
      I have a rich, fulfilling life thanks.
      The type of info supplied here is easily found and easy to post here - why would it require taking up all my time?
      Less than 20 minutes today covers all the posts by myself.
      Relaying links takes seconds.
      Feel free to contribute too.
      Please don't fall in to the cliché of wanting to discuss the poster more than discuss what they are actually posting.
      That is just tedious, unneeded behaviour that unthinking people tend to do more here than realise it's a site for Morrissey information and discussion rather than ego strokes or self-attention / trolling. Assuming you've studied my posts well, you'd see that providing the community here information quickly is a motivating factor for myself.

      I'd also point out that your question would be far better aimed at people who clearly spend a lot of time here typing pages of responses - which would consume a lot of their day, but you were aware of that right?
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    3. AztecCamera
      Uncle Steve and nephew have been spotted before at the Electric Owl in West Hollywood.
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    4. docinwestchester
      Cool post. I appreciate the effort. Keep 'em coming!
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    5. Tibby
      I think that's pretty cool. I bought the deluxe version of the cd's for myself. My mom surprised me with an early Christmas gift she bought me the vinyl set. I can say I'm pretty pleased with them.
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    6. Anonymous
      True, if you have Tw, Ig or Fb accounts is very easy to find Morrissey's latest news thanks to reposts and retweets, I always see these stuff before they appear in this site, I just never bother to post them here, because... meh
    7. AztecCamera
      Echo Park, Glendale, Silver Lake...the heart of the Moz Angeles kingdom.
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    8. mozmal
    9. Anonymous
      There's a killer morrissey look alike walks round those areas, seen him come out of echo park libray a few times . Been seeing him walking around the last nine months or so.
      Anyone know him? I was walking behind him and his redhaired female friend, He sounds English or something.

      Back on topic I one of these in East LA, some Skaters wrote " Fag band" on it
    10. swift eclipse
      swift eclipse
      They said "don't take this the wrong way". I think you did, judging by your reactionary angry response. I'm sure many are out to get you, but it didn't seem like this person was. Maybe relax a little. It's just a website, right?
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    11. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Thanks for the dislike.
      The comment was aimed at me. I don't need your interpretation of someone's motives in commenting towards me. It was passive aggressive and off topic - as are almost all comments that start with 'don't take this the wrong way... but..'.
      You ARE WRONG (yes, I dare say it) - there is nothing angry in my response - you totally misinterpreted myself when deciding to tell me how awful I am randomly and out of the blue since 2011... Perhaps the issue is in how you read things and not my motives...you can reflect on your own behaviour can't you?
      Feel free to use ignore as I will respond how I like to direct comments towards myself and I'll be sure to let you know when I am actually being angry, paranoid, reactionary and in need of any relaxation.

      Oh the irony:
      "Please don't fall in to the cliché of wanting to discuss the poster more than discuss what they are actually posting."
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    12. swift eclipse
      swift eclipse
      Or maybe they were genuinely astonished at how much you find and post. I have found myself thinking the same thing about your presence here. It's a lot. And many appreciate it. Not everyone is a natural aggregator and disseminator of info like yourself. It's impossible to separate the people from their posts. We are human and imperfect. Unless you are a bot. An aggressively angry one. Take it down a few notches. You don't own this site just because you live here.
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    13. 001
      Sounds like bullshit to me.

      If you're a Morrissey fan and you stumbled across some info, pics, videos then why wouldn't you want to share that with other fans? That just seems really selfish. If the users of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc hadn't shared then you'd never have seen their media. IF what you're saying is true...

      Every fan that visits this site gets a lot of enjoyment out of FWD's posts. Myself included.
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    14. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Again, an attempt to an assert an insight in to my 'behaviour' that is incorrect. You do not have a superior view of how to comment that I need to 'get' in order for me to be somehow seen as a better person in your eyes - that's ridiculous.
      There has been a Morrissey drought - now it is flooding - my posts reflect that. The way they appear here is, as clearly stated, easy and not that time consuming - made even easier with notifications and decent search terms. Anyone can contribute at that level should they be so inclined. My posts are in the spirit of a discussion forum - where information is used to generate interest rather than ad homs and some of the insane self-indulgent garbage that litters this place.
      Your last comment, however, is tripe. No aspect of contributing to this site for the last 17 years makes me feel any 'ownership' - that is ludicrous. Someone made a sarcastic comment towards me - you didn't like my self-justification - end of. It certainly has nothing to do with 'living here' - that would be better aimed at people with thousands of non-Morrissey posts in the off-topic forum.
      What actually needs to be brought down a notch is the condescension towards someone who contributes reasonably positively towards this community - perhaps?
      Anyway, when I'm fully charged, I'm off to scour the Internet as this is too off-topic and somewhere... Morrissey news is happening :)
      Have a good day.
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    15. swift eclipse
      swift eclipse
      I get it. You're awesome and no one should ever question your judgment. That sounds reasonable.
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    16. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Baker Street tube stop.

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