"The Queen Is Dead" - 2017 re-issue full track listings and details - SuperDeluxeEdition

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    May 21, 2006
    The part of the beach that the tide doesn't reach.
    The site super deluxe edition, have this extra info....
    A five-LP box set (good value in the UK at £57) includes all the audio listed above, and a two-CD edition pairs the remaster with the bonus disc of demos etc.

    Five LP vinyl release, with 2 cds sounds nice.

    The Smiths / The Queen is Dead reissue - SuperDeluxeEdition
    by Paul Sinclair


    First Smiths deluxe • 3CD+DVD • 5LP vinyl • hi-res on DVD
    Warners will issue a four-disc deluxe edition of The Smiths 1986 album The Queen Is Dead in October this year.

    The album is generally considered to be the band’s best work (although for this writer Strangeways, Here We Come gives it a good run for its money) and features the classic There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (only a single in France at the time, fact fans).

    There are three physical formats for this release – which as you will note has updated artwork – a 3CD+DVD deluxe includes the remastered album, a bonus CD of demos, alternates and b-sides, a further CD: Live In Boston (recorded at the Great Woods Center For The Performing Arts on August 5, 1986) and a DVD featuring the 2017 master of the album in 96kHz / 24-bit PCM stereo. The DVD also includes The Queen Is Dead – A Film By Derek Jarman.

    A five-LP box set (good value in the UK at £57) includes all the audio listed above, and a two-CD edition pairs the remaster with the bonus disc of demos etc.

    All formats of this The Queen Is Dead reissue will be released on 20 October 2017. The four-disc deluxe is well-priced (similar to Prince) and is currently £25 in the UK (this may even come down further).

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    1. billybu69
      Looking at this again I don't think its 5 LPs plus 2cds, it's more the 5 LPs have the content of the 2 cds.
    2. bored
      I'm bummed there isn't going to be any new video.

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    3. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Thought about this in the morning.
      I reckon the album proper and the rarities disc will be released as double LPs, whereas the live disc will be on a single LP.
    4. Cornflakes
      I believe it's a scientific thing that there's no difference between 24-bit audio and standard 16-bit, as for as human ears are concerned. So, a bit of a waste of disc space. Even if they didn't want to include any live video, TV performances or whatever, a 5.1 version would have been better.
    5. Cornflakes
      Apparently the album and outtakes are going to be a double LP, the live album will be a second double LP and there will also be a 7" single. What's going to be on the single doesn't seem to be known.
    6. billybu69
      A booklet would have been a nice addition, how much would that cost?
    7. gonzax
      Well, what a disappointing piece of crap the dvd is. A 15 minute video everyone's already seen where you can't even see the band once?? come on!
      The live CD is also a big disappointment, was it so much to ask to have the complete recording. At lest I hope the quality is better than the bootleg from that date (which is actually a great bootleg)
    8. Anonymous
      :rock: When are they going to record a new album?
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    9. Cornflakes
      It might actually be a full recording, or nearly. It's probably a soundboard recording done by Grant Showbiz, and supposedly it's normal for them to be incomplete because he used C90 tapes and wasn't normally prompt about turning them over or changing tapes. What's listed would be consistent with him starting out with about 15 mins left on a tape from the previous show, then missing a few songs, then recording 45 mins straight, then missing a song, then pressing stop after the first encore. Of course, it may also be that songs have been edited out, but we may never know.
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    10. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Hey, my brother was at the Smiths show from where the live disc is sourced. At age 12, my mother would not allow me to attend. I've never gotten over that. It would be 5 years until I first saw Morrissey take the stage, at the very same venue.
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    11. ACTON
      Yah. I couldn't be bothered with this release. If there was a Smiths concert on dvd I would have been tempted. The Derek Jarman was previously released on The Complete Picture dvd and its not worth having twice. The bonus CDs sound promising though.
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    12. Anonymous
      By buying album you also automatically qualify for a mug:

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    13. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      From Morrissey 'official' FB:
      Links to Amazon, Apple & Spotify.
      NB: Apple and Spotify link only to the regular album, so it's basically an advert for the 3 versions available on Amazon:


      More from NME:
      Listen to the first ever demo of The Smiths’ ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’


      In a press release announcing ‘The Queen Is Dead’ reissue, Morrissey said: “You cannot continue to record and simply hope that your audience will approve, or that average critics will approve, or that radio will approve. You progress only when you wonder if an abnormally scientific genius would approve – and this is the leap The Smiths took with ‘The Queen Is Dead’.”


      The above was lifted from the Pitchfork article:

      The Smiths Announce Deluxe Reissue of The Queen Is Dead.


      and lastly:
      The Smiths’ ‘The Queen Is Dead’ 3CD/1DVD Reissue To Include Unreleased 1986 Live Album.


      So apparently there was a press release!
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    14. DannyFisher
      Is this strictly a UK release or will it be released in North America as well?
    15. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!
      Re-evaluate the songs
      Double-pack with a photograph
      Extra track (and a tacky badge)
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    16. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      There is a place holder on the US Amazon which doesn't allow preorder, but is a good sign - so I'd assume it will be.
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    17. Anonymous
      Johnny Marr added: “The Queen Is Dead was epic to make and epic to live.”

    18. Anonymous
      I'm glad this is coming out, as anything 'new' is better than nothing - but they are being super stingy with the extras. Only 8 previously unreleased demo tracks, so half as many as on the previously planned release where that promo disc slipped out. Why are they padding out disc two with B Sides like 'Unloveable' that every fan has already bought 15 times before?

      And all those TV appearances and live footage floating round on the bootleg market, and we get the same old 15 minute Derek Jarman film which we've all seen before.

      Let's hope the live recording is a good quality direct from the mixing desk, and not just one of the audience recordings we've heard before, or we'll really be taking it up the jacksie.
    19. valvano
      maybe they will be inspired by U2's Joshua Tree Tour and do a Queen is Dead Tour. Listening to the entire JT live made me realize that everything U2 has put out the past 15 years has basically sucked.
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