"The Queen Is Dead" - 2017 re-issue details (CD, DVD box set out Oct. 20) - listing on Amazon UK

Amazon listings are up:



CD track-listing screenshot posted by Uncleskinny:


UPDATE July 20:

Famous when dead added in the comments:

The US version is now listed minus any way to purchase it:

lutewhine added in the comments:

Apple Music has 13 tracks "Live In Boston" after the extras listed on Amazon. (screenshots)

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Partially true. They did not play Boston proper on the 1986 Queen is Dead tour. That was in Mansfield, as you note. However, in 1985, they did play at the Boston Opera House: http://www.passionsjustlikemine.com/live/smiths-g850614.htm
I totally forgot they toured the US in 1985.. I thought they played The Opera House or some small venue but when I looked to see if they did Mansfield and Boston in 86 it was a no. I'm getting old. The memory fades.

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I own "The Queen is Dead" three times and lapped up the singles last month, but I can't possibly not buy a product with previously unreleased material by Thr Smiths. I'm looking forward to it; I don't think £25 for the deluxe is too unreasonable.
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