"The Queen Is Dead" - 2017 re-issue details (CD, DVD box set out Oct. 20) - listing on Amazon UK

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By GregCannon on Jul 17, 2017 at 6:48 PM
  1. GregCannon

    GregCannon Member

    Aug 26, 2011
    Amazon listings are up:



    CD track-listing screenshot posted by Uncleskinny:


    UPDATE July 20:

    Famous when dead added in the comments:

    The US version is now listed minus any way to purchase it:

    lutewhine added in the comments:

    Apple Music has 13 tracks "Live In Boston" after the extras listed on Amazon. (screenshots)

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    1. Uncleskinny
      Interesting, thanks.

      Amazon links appear to be drafts at this stage.

      CD link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B073Z9DQMJ?tag=msamzn-21

      CD/DVD Box Set link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B073ZBHG1R?tag=msamzn-21

      CD track-listing:


      No details on the DVD, though I do recall hearing that the Salford Uni gig of 20th July 1986 had been filmed professionally, but who knows.

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      The second link alludes to a 2 CD and Dvd boxset. Here's hoping it will be the Salford gig as previously mentioned,
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    3. Roberto Ferdenzi
      Roberto Ferdenzi
    4. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      So, not quite everything available on the 20th anniversary reference disc, but we finally get the vast majority of it.

      As predicted early this year, oldsmithscollector has done very well indeed.

    5. Anonymous
      More like half of it - there are only 9 previously unreleased tracks according to Amazon, one of which has already been released as a single. I'm a bit surprised the main album has been remastered again, seeing as Johynny only did it himself a few years ago. I wonder if he has anything to do with this release, or if it's been taken out of his hands? (the lack of any mention from him regarding the last couple of single reissues makes me wonder if Moz has wrestled back control).
    6. SuedeMoz
      That is curious and who remastered it? Johnny mentioned in Set the Boy Free that he spent hours upon hours remastering the The Smiths tracks as a labor of love to fix the 90's Warners remasters.
    7. MozIsGod
      I really wish the Morrissey reissues were done this way, 2 disc reissues with the proper album on disc 1 and b-sides, outtakes, live recordings, etc on disc 2. I believe that was Rhino's original plan anyway until Moz started playing revisionist history with his remasters (omitting/editing certain songs, putting extra tracks not related to the particular album's era, etc)
    8. GregCannon
      The "buy or no buy" for me really hinges on the contents of the DVD. If it's just the Jarman film and "The Boy..." clip I'm not interested. Too much of disc 2 is out there already either officially or unofficially to warrant a purchase if they skimp on the DVD.
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    9. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      So, since the leak in 2009 from the proto cd-r they've sat on this for 8 years and thought: ah, 31st anniversary sounds like the right time! I'd love to know the reasoning behind these decisions sometimes :)
      Still, something is better than nothing.
      I'd expect the product to be ok, but if the QID 7+12" 1 day notice, Boz advertising and a row with HMV is any sign - don't get too excited for any of the band to be involved too noticeably.
      The DVD aspect does sound more intriguing though.
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    10. Southport Grandma
      Southport Grandma
      Would be nice if "Rubber Ring" and "Asleep" are the original 12" versions.
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    11. Cornflakes
      The remasters that Johnny oversaw were based on a digital transfer from the tapes that had been done some time previously by Bill Inglot, and it seems likely that that transfer was a tiny bit muddy. So there would probably be value to going back back to the tapes and doing a fresh master. That said, "2017 master" could just as easily mean that the last remaster has just been tweaked a tiny bit.

      Reckon you're right about Johnny's radio silence. Think his non-involvement will have been a condition of Morrissey's consent to the release.
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    12. marred
      THere's no mud on mine. They sound amazing.
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    13. Anonymous
      I've already bought this album twice. I'm not buying it again for the sake of a few demos...
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    14. bored
    15. Cornflakes
      If you're happy, there's no need to worry. But they would have probably sounded a tiny bit better if they had used old Rough Trade CDs as their starting point instead. The EQ of the remasters is better (leaving aside the issue of loudness), but there's also some clarity and definition lost.
    16. Anonymous
      That totally sucks, for the person that bought it. It would be so sweet if Moz was the seller - be so Moz of him.

      :man: (Moz emoji, just imaging Moz with a stache)
    17. SuedeMoz
      In short, this is what Johnny Marr said about the 90's Smiths remasters and his remastering in "Set the Boy Free":

      "Unfortunately for The Smiths, I wasn’t consulted when the catalogue was remastered for the CDs in the nineties. The albums all came out after some mastering engineer had randomly made all kinds of adjustments, which meant they sounded nothing like they did to me when I made them. It was a huge source of frustration and disappointment to see the albums released when I knew that they sounded wrong, and I was determined to put it right."

      "Going through The Smiths’ album catalogue and working on it song by song was a real labour of love. I started with ‘Hand in Glove’ and went chronologically to the end. I knew every guitar part, bass note and cymbal crash, and when I analysed the records I was struck by how good the band were as an ensemble and just how young we all were when we were together. My job was to be as technical as possible in restoring the records to exactly how they sounded in the studio, but I was able to recall the exact intention and emotion that went into every note and word when each song was originally made. Working on the records again made me proud of the band, and I texted Morrissey and Andy and said, You can really hear the love in it. It was good to get a nice reply from both of them."
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    18. NealCassidy
      Where's the world peace reissue....?
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    19. Cornflakes
      I've also already bought this twice, but I can't possibly not buy a CD with previously unreleased Smiths material. OTOH, given that they know full well most of the audience for the deluxe version will have already bought it at least once, £36 is taking the piss a little.
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