"The Queen Is Dead" 12" vinyl (2017, Warner Bros. UK) listed on Discogs - Help needed

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By Anonymous on Jan 25, 2017 at 11:54 AM
  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    hello there everyone
    I need help with this release
    I have a copy and a few copies to sell
    These are proper, legitimate Warner releases
    and still i find ZERO info on any website, forum, anywhere
    I have practically checked everything and found no info whatsoever
    which seems very strange indeed....
    anyone knows about this? maybe someone also has a copy????
    mail me or write here, ok?

    [email protected]


    A1 The Queen Is Dead 6:05
    B1 Oscillate Wildly 3:26
    B2 Money Changes Everything 4:10
    B3 The Draize Train 5:08



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    1. terrancestamp
      Does anyone else notice what appears to be tape on the second picture. Which is the first picture of the vinyl label. I see what could be tape at 2 o'clock. When I saw it the first time it did look strange but then when I saw it again it looks like tape. This is starting to smell bad. WEA has not put markings on the back of releases since the first Best of...
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    2. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      I've just chcked out Warner UK and WMG web sites and there's no information about this release.
      I'm thinking it's a pretty well done bootleg.
    3. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Quite unusual to release a 12" single at 45rpm.
      Certainly not unheard of, but not something you see everyday.
    4. Anonymous
      Every 12inch i have is 45rpm.
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    5. stux
      All mine are 45rpm, its the lps that play at 33
    6. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      If I'm not mistaken, my "Satellite of live" 12'' is 45 RPM.
    7. johnnypf
      Looks like a transparent inner sleeve to me
    8. Anonymous
      Morrissey put together the sleeves for the 'Sound of the Smiths' compilation, post-court case - not only was Joyce still in the credits, but he chose photographs of his face to put on the covers, so I don't think he's THAT petty.
    9. Anonymous
      Two quick notes:
      1)What is the point of this release? 'The Boy With the Thorn' 7" makes sense, as it's got unreleased material on it, but - unless it's to tie in with some anniversary - I am struggling to see the commercial sense in this.

      2)As Johnny Marr gets sole songwriting credit for two of the four songs, he'll presumably end up earning twice as much as Morrissey for this release.

      3)Why does Morrissey get 50% of the royalties for the instrumental 'Oscillate Wildly' anyway. Just for the title?
    10. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Ooops, I stand corrected. :o
    11. SeniorLife
      Self proclaimed Off Topic.

      That is one beautiful woman. I loved that pic instantly when he started using it as a back drop. If I remember correctly, I saw him use it a couple years ago in Seattle, maybe during Alma Matters (yes, I know he used it a lot).

      He could have been singing 'Rocky Mountain High'. Didn't care. Just stared at the back drop.

      I digress...
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    12. Anonymous
    13. Anonymous
      Ok..I haven't seen the sleeve of that compilation but I could certainly believe that petty, rather than action, is his middle name
    14. Anonymous
      1) I think everyone is hoping that it is part of promoting re-issues. A bit disappointing that there is no new material on this 12". Morrissey wanted TQID to come out as a single for the Queen's diamond jubilee, five years ago, but didn't get his wish.

      2) No, but he'll presumably get 75% of the songwriting royalties.

      3) A lot of songwriting partnerships work on the understanding that both songwriters get a credit for everything the partnership produces. e.g. Lennon and McCartney are always co-credited even thought they often wrote separately. Morrissey and Marr must have worked in this way at the time Oscillate Wildly was written, but not later on.
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    15. Anonymous
      No he didn't. He was supposed to, but dropped out of the project. He came up with the title "The Sound of the Smiths", but the design was done by something called Mental Block Design.
    16. Anonymous

      Her name is Margherita Caruso, and I hope you haven't been having naughty thoughts, as according to her IMDb page she would have only been 13 or 14 years old when this film was made.
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    17. Anonymous
      Obviously, there was a designer involved to do the actual legwork - I'm just saying Moz chose the photos (I don't think it's by chance that the cover on the main 2-CD release has Moz, Andy and Johnny with beaming smiles, but Joyce looking glum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sound_of_The_Smiths#/media/File:SmithsDeluxe.jpg )

      Passions Just Like Mine also states that "This album's artwork was supervised by Morrissey." http://passionsjustlikemine.com/disc/soundofthesmiths.htm
    18. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Didn't Moz express his appreciation about John Denver once?
      Not sure if it was about that song Rocky Mountain High.
      Maybe he considered to cover it life once.
      But I doubt it cause of the high pitched yodel.
      A pity cause I really love it when he does it! :brows:
      Yodeling, I mean. :p
    19. Anonymous
      No, he was supposed to but he didn't. PJLM is great in many respects, but it isn't infallible on fact.
    20. AztecCamera
      I reckon sometimes I hear "Annies Song" when there is a Morrissey family tofu Bar-B-Que down on the beach.

      Uncle Steve sure loves Italian women. I always pictured him married to a hot Italian super model, but I guess Aunt Nancy stole his heart years ago.
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