"The Queen Is Dead" 12" vinyl (2017, Warner Bros. UK) listed on Discogs - Help needed

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By Anonymous on Jan 25, 2017 at 11:54 AM
  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    hello there everyone
    I need help with this release
    I have a copy and a few copies to sell
    These are proper, legitimate Warner releases
    and still i find ZERO info on any website, forum, anywhere
    I have practically checked everything and found no info whatsoever
    which seems very strange indeed....
    anyone knows about this? maybe someone also has a copy????
    mail me or write here, ok?

    [email protected]


    A1 The Queen Is Dead 6:05
    B1 Oscillate Wildly 3:26
    B2 Money Changes Everything 4:10
    B3 The Draize Train 5:08



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    1. Uncleskinny
      Interesting. A 2017 Warner Bros release of QID. There's Smiths stuff afoot this year.

      Picture is from Pasolini's Gospel According to St Matthew.
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    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      R-9690729-1484832078-6982.jpeg.jpg R-9690729-1484832082-1971.jpeg.jpg R-9690729-1484832087-6514.jpeg.jpg 80 Euros... Seller in Hungary...
      Not really a 'usual' route for Warners.
      Very odd indeed - I'm all for a global economy, but this must exist somewhere other than Hungary!?
      0190295905347 traces back to the 12" ltd vinyl - also sold via a Hungarian site: https://www.mediamarkt.hu/hu/produc...dead-limited-edition-vinyl-ep-12-1218728.html
      Also a picture disc 2016 for 5 grand - similarly Hungarian: http://lemezkucko.hu/Rendelheto-uj-Bakelitek/the_smith_the_queen_is_dead_lps#anchor
      NB: 2017 can just be made out on the edge of the record sticker as well as the code 12QID2017.
      (glad my picture posts were of use).
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    3. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
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    4. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      I believe we will see new Smiths releases this year too.

      To add fuel to the fire, only yesterday I received a notification from youtube saying that my video of the unreleased instrumental track 'I Misses You' was taken down.
      The instruction to take it down was issued by Warner, who claim copyright.
      I immediately thought, cool, they must be about to release all those rare demos and alternate takes, finally.

      On a related note, great bit of business by the guy who sold the cd-r for best part of 2 grand only a few weeks ago...
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    5. Anonymous
      They were probably manufactured there
    6. RobLand
      This is very exciting. This seems worthy of being an item on the main page.
    7. Anonymous
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    8. GMS
      Very interesting!

      Pure speculation but.......

      ..........The label on this record is dated 2017. Newly pressed in a Hungarian pressing plant? Employee at said (unknown) pressing plant has "spirited" one record away and is selling at an exorbitant price on Discogs in order to make a quick killing. I hope I'm wrong but I suspect that this record and the Morrissey "leaked" 7" single with the demo versions of 'The Boy With The Thorn In His Side' and 'Rubber Ring' are most likely to be Record Store Day releases.
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    9. Anonymous
      At least someone on this site admits they need help!
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    10. Musician
      Funny - incidentally, I know personally the guy selling on Discogs. Let me message him and ask what it's about.
    11. Anonymous
      Knowing Morrissey, I wouldn't be surprised if this has been pressed up as insurance so if the Queen actually dies sometime in 2017, this can be rush released as a single to try and cash in on it. Nothing would give him a bigger boner than seeing this in the charts the week after she dies. Tasteless yes - but I can totally see him doing this.
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    12. GMS
      More idle speculation....

      The label has 'The Queen Is dead' timed as 6.05
      All previous cuts of the studio version officially released have been 6.23
      If the 18 seconds difference is taken off the start of the original, the track kicks in immediately after the 'Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty' sample, right on the guitar feedback. Was the sample fully cleared back in 1986? Or could this just be another case of Morrissey's historical revisions (first time on a Smiths' track)?
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    13. Anonymous
      6'05 would most likely be without the intro. It was released this way on one of the CDs of the HSIN early 90s reissue. On the other hand, it's not that uncommon for the timing info on a label to be wrong because they've cribbed the info off another release, rather than timing the track.
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    14. terrancestamp
      Is the Queen ill or has she been hospitalized? If The Smiths go to #1 with The Queen Is Dead it will be due to digital sales. Anyone else think this looks like a Gene single sleeve??
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    15. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      the font style on the lower back reminds me of something he used or would have used on one of his earlier solo releases. Though the style of lettering doesn't match the front covers, ... a rush job?, anyways odd.
    16. Anonymous
      She had a 'heavy cold' and missed a few public appearances in December - loads of conspiracy theorists came out with rumours that she'd died and it was being covered up/or was at death's door. I think she's only started appearing again in the past week.
    17. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      It's only 6:05 minutes long because someone :paranoid: edited out Mikes drum intro! very strange. ;)
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    18. Sarcasmos
      It reminds me of the Suedehead and Irish Blood fonts
      hi_1988_suedehead12_1.jpg hi_2004_irish12_1.jpg
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    19. Anonymous
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