Morrissey Central "THE PULL OF THE EARTH" (January 12, 2023)


Jeff Beck, who played guitar on Morrissey's "Black Cloud" (from Years Of Refusal, 2009), has died.

"We are losing so many, so quickly, that it is difficult to stay sane and to keep your thoughts strong. Are we all dreaming? The greats of pop and rock music are now almost entirely wiped-out.

Jeff raised the guitar to a higher plane. Watching and listening to him play on Black Cloud … I hadn't ever seen anything like it. He turned the guitar into an adventure for everyone who listened to him. He was also very easy company, and funny, and his death is a stark message for the rest of us. I am privileged beyond words to have witnessed Jeff's greatness. But it's not enough to simply say those words. The days are darker now."


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defining Jeff Beck as someone who played on a Morrissey song is wildly out-of-touch.
This song is a doozy. Anyone who plays guitar will know just how phenomenally difficult it is to play this kind of whammy bar/harmonic stuff with this level of pitch accuracy and feeling.
Why all the hate for "Black Cloud"? I think it's such a fantastic song, possibly my favorite from YOR.
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