Morrissey Central "THE ONLY GOOD NEWS OF 2021" (December 21, 2021)

Guys of the Solo my compatriot uploaded a video of Moz, she told me that she was going to upload it at Christmas, this on you tube the author is called Revolver Dolls was the one who made the video with Johnny attacking Moz with the theme Knockabout .. upload it she deserves it
It seems cynical, negative, not what I like to believe Morrissey is.
I'm coming from my own guilty conscience, but as much as I'm guilty of being inadequate, I have faith in myself as someone who is trying to find her footing mentally. As I said to someone yesterday afternoon, I've been through hell, but he probably was listening to those words with cynical, negative ears too. In my own private hell, "the one who is me is me." I never ended up freezing in the cold, but I have a sister who's tried to kill me, I've been raped umpteen times, I was not loved and cared for until recently, I've had psychiatric drugs forced on me that made me wish I was dead, and so on, and it's a scramble to establish sanity.

But don't listen to my story. Just judge my performance! 😡

Just lil' Sam on new year's day 2022, handing out the record contract to his uncle, he (Sam) has negotiated with a well-known record company during the whole of the year 2021.
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