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1. what kind of freaky shit are you and your girlfriend into?

Literature, music, dance, alchemy, poetry, philosophy, Buddhism, becoming quarantine experts...
A lot of things actually, though most of them are either related to art or culture.

Did I tell you the whole story? It's a bit long, she is my best friend since the late 90's... Some 2 years ago, she was single and I thought that she may like a friend of mine.
I decided to show my friend a photo of her and I told him that she is the most beautiful girl I ever saw, the most clever one, the most loyal one, the most interesting one, that it's a miracle that she even exists... He said: "I would gladly date her, if it wasn't that the one who is in love is you

2. have you ever drunk your girlfriends menstrual blood?

That's a weird question, though the answer is probably stranger.
Yes, we often use a Tibetan Kapala for such thing. A Kapala is simply a cup made with the upper part of a skull, quite traditional in Tibetan Buddhism, but it does not have a sinister sense.

3. hot or not (for each person state either "hot" or "not")
*Donatella versace
* Jeffrey epstein
* pippa middleton
* chuck norris
*Bernie sanders

Donatella is definitely not hot. Jeffrey Epstein, I know whom he is, I don't actually remember his face. I had to google Pippa as to get whom she is... probably the most attractive in the list, but that's because the others are truly horrible.

Chuck Norris... I truly dislike him, I even disliked him when I was a kid. I think I NEVER managed to see a complete movie with him as the main character.

Bernie Sanders is a decent politician... I don't think he is specially hot.

4. how do you make your dollahs?

I will be cryptic here: I offer a cultural service that very few people in the whole world can provide, but that's because it requires a very good knowledge of 3 quite different and somehow unrelated things, so it's unusual to find someone who can do the same thing I do.

5. favourite quote?

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

Which may lead to think that I have an obsession with the Bible or, at least, the old Testament... and I don't. I like the phrase because of its symbolism... the primordial chaos in which things are still confused and they are formless. It reminds me of the mother cells somehow.

6. person from history you would most like to meet?

Probably Antonin Artaud, or Robert of Chester or Ketamine Sun... any of those is OK.

7. if you had to club to death one of the following, who would you choose?
a) viva hate
b) rifke
c) uncleskinny
d) urbanus

I think murdering someone would be quite traumatic... I don't think I would be able to club someone to death.

8. favourite scent?

A like a lot of scents, though in most cases the ones that smell like wood.
Maybe my favourite one is the natural scent of my girlfriend (or wife, even if we are not legally married, but it's not a legal thing).... It's somehow like a jasmine mixed with a melon. I do not know why she has a sweet scent.

You didn't akt it, but the scent I hate the most is beer.

9. favourite item of clothing?

I don't have a special fetish with clothes, but I was thinking and it's probably shoes. I probably have some 50 pairs of shoes, which does not make any sense... but I assume that for some reason I probably like having many of them.

10. do you have any cool recipes for which you can use a patch of dried out foot skin?

The BEST I can think would be completely burning it until it becomes white ashes, then you mix the ashes with distilled water, then you filter the water as to get rid of the non soluble parts and finally you get a whitish water, you let it evaporate gently and you get potassium carbonate. You can use it later if some day your stomach burns due to acidity... just mix a bit with water and it will neutralize the acid (i.e, it's very alkaline... a quite high PH).

11. whats this weird bump on my leg?

Probably a flea managed to bite you.

12. do you believe in mind over matter?

"Man has no Body distinct from his Soul for that call'd Body is a portion of Soul discern'd by the five Senses" said Bake... and it's true. So it would be "mind over mind".

Our minds are quite able to control themselves, so yes.

13. have you ever used someone and thrown them away?

No... When I don't like someone I am unable to establish any kind of relationship with that person.
I am either completely loyal or absolutely rejective. So I am not even able to do such thing.

14. rate yourself as a lover on a scale of 1 - 10

It really depends on the person... I can be a 10 for some people and a 1 for others.
Then again, the same thing is true for everyone.

15. who do you suppose has the mightiest schlong at solo?


16. what do you think of america?

I don't really like America, each time I've been there I felt weird. It's as if everything was made out of plastic... It's not a political statement, I simply don't like the vibe of America. I don't enjoy travelling there.

17. are you a filthy smoker?

I have been one, but I decided to quit...

18. paisley or stripes?

stripes... I often end up wearing something that has stripes.

19. was there any question you were hoping I would ask that I didn't?

MAybe you should have travelled to the future and you could have asked me how I am living in this current quarantine!
I am obviously at home with my wife... we have been organizing a few things in the house... and then we are watching a few indie movies... and mostly living in this incredibly strange bad sci fi movie in which a horrible virus is out there.

So it's a contradictory feeling, we are having a great time here, we enjoy being together... but we sometimes remember about what's going on outside and it's like a paradox. We are both teaching something to the other one, but I won't say what each other is teaching to the other one.

Each time I went to the supermarket wearing gloves and a mask... It has been surreal, though not in a good sense.

I have been listening a lot to this song:

I have also been thinking that I am truly fortunate to be with her... I would be a mess in this quarantine without her.
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