The Official ''I Love Kewpie'' Thread

David Cassidy

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Hey Kewpie - got your attention:thumb:
How come you never answer my questions and you do your usual ''silence for a few days and it will all go quiet'' trick?

Do you deny sending PM's to members telling them not to post on Viva Morrissey threads?
Do you deny sending a PM to 'Oh My God It's Robby', telling him not to post anymore 'Happy Birthday' threads about members (yet still posting your annual ''Happy Birthday Morrissey-solo thread''?)
Do you continue to state that the original PM I sent to you, asking you politely to refrain from posting about me, contained an abusive message? Do you maintain that it was so abusive that, rather than show it to DavidT straight away as evidence, you were so offended by it that you deleted it immediately, so when asked to produce it, it was not there?

I think members of Morrissey-solo have a right to know the answers to these questions and to question exactly who is being placed with the responsibility of moderating them.

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