The official 'Get Well Soon' thread for Morrissey



My dearest Morrissey,
Something very strange happened to me earlier today...I had my first asthma attack in 5 years. I jump online and start crying when I read about your troubling respiratory concern and the incident that followed. Such a coincidence is not pleasant and I was unintelligible for hours. You have my heart. Please feel ship-shape soon, my lovely man. You have been my distant comfort since I was a tiny girl and I adore your wise soul.

Felice (or my long description: the woman on wheels with a "Poor Twisted Child" ID bracelet tattoo), Melbourne, Australia

PS: superarni's message was great advice! I do not know him personally but That was a suave get well soon post.

PPS. Much love!


Keep going, Morrissey! You have to outlast Madonna and David Lee Roth!


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Get well soon Moz! LOVE YOU!

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Well, there goes my denial about how I feel toward Morrissey; I was a complete wreck when I found out. Sending all the best thoughts in the world his way, and I hope he gets well soon.


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I really hope Morrissey is okay.Get well soon Morrissey we all love you.

Love, Tibby


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Hey lovely,
You've looked after us for so many years by making us all so happy, but now it's time to look after yourself......get lots of rest and take your time recovering...we'll all be thinking of you xx

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Get well soon old chap etc. Remember your 5 a day fruit and vegetables. put your feet up and forget about the rest of this tour. Go and stay with cliff richard in his big house in some sunny climate, i think its in Jamaica...i am not sure. Sounds like you might need an inhaler too.

Nice to see though how great the NHS is....maybe Obama can use it as an example. :cool:


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He's a good fella with a wicked mind, hysterical wit and a lovely singing voice ;)

Feel better, Steven.


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Best wishes Morrissey, get well soon
get well soon we love you moz
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