The official 'Get Well Soon' thread for Morrissey

Get well soon Morrissey. You have touched me in a way I never thought a musician could. I love you.

Dallow, Spicer, Pinkie, Cubitt,
Rush to danger, wind up nowhere,
Patric Doonan, raised to wait,
I was tired again, I tried again, and
Now my heart is full,
Now my heart is full,
And I just can't explain
So I won't even try to...
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He'll be okay. Might not be many more gigs in the future, though. It's a shame, but I'd much rather he be healthy than force himself through another tour.
He'll be okay. Might not be many more gigs in the future, though. It's a shame, but I'd much rather he be healthy than force himself through another tour.

:thumb: viva moz always x
Please get better soon, Morrissey- rest up as much as you need. Who gives a fig if you cancel a few concerts, even the ones I have tickets to? I just want you to be okay. Please rest and please take care of yourself.
Well, I'll say it again. Morrissey can come to my house at the beach to recuperate. The sun and sea air will do him a world of good. I will take very good care of him and he shall want for nothing. I will make this sacrifice for him. (I know, I know). Mozza, seriously, though, take some time to rest. You've just come off a massive tour and now with only a few months off are back om another one. Remember, you are only human. We need you to take care of yourself!
Dear Moz,

During your recovery (please cancel every show you don't feel well enough for and ignore the pathetic whiners who can't head out to see a bit the town when a show is canceled:) and now for fun things to do while you are recovering:

The movie PARIS - its a french film, in french and absolutely fantastic.

Another good one is "Why Bodhidharma Left for the East" also independent and in Korean... very good film and nice cinematography

Healing stuff from a non doctor but someone who has boycotted healthcare:

Oil of Oregano, two drops under the tongue followed by lots of water... at the onset of a cold and general detox. The stuff is amazing... very helpful I still can't get over just how fantastic it is.

Coconut oil- on skin, in hair... also has detox effects (cold pressed) in some cases also on toast - but this depends.

Miso soup... works wonders.

Unsweetened almond milk or fresh coconut milk to replace dairy, unfortunately soy creates mucus in the body and is not a healthy alternative to milk, which also creates mucus in the body and may inhibit breathing and recovery

Books: Shantaram!!!

Please cancel shows when you are not feel up to them... this is from someone who has enjoyed many days wandering the town instead of attending a show.

Get well Moz. :flowers: Thank you!
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Dearest Morrissey -

Please rest and take care of yourself. Cancel the tour. We will be here if and when you decide to tour again. Your health is more important to us than anything. We love you more than you could ever possibly know or even imagine...You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I came across this clip yesterday, and it brought back wonderful memories of one of my fave non-Smiths bands as a teen. Hope it brings everyone as much comfort and joy as it's brought me:

Sparks on SNL in the early 1980s

How come I have not run into the Mael brothers (besides at concerts or signings) after all these years of being in their hometown? My brother's family would be tickled to death to have them over for lunch or dinner.
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I didn't think I could luv the man anymore than I did, but this night has opened my eyes.
Get very well as soon as you can.
I freaked. I really do hope he's doing okay. I hope this will pass and all will be good again for him. It's a little frightening. :(
Oh Squishy. :( I'm sorry you had to go to the hospital. Please take care of yourself and listen to what the doctors are telling you. You gave us all quite a scare! A lot of people with tickets for shows this week and beyond have said here and elsewhere that they would rather you just cancel (no rescheduling!!!) and concentrate on getting better than force yourself to sing while sick. I know you love to sing for us and that you're excited about the new album - but your health is more important! By making yourself the priority in this situation you aren't going to be letting down anyone who truly cares about you.

I want to help you but I don't know what to do. :tears: xoxox I hope the nurses aren't keeping you up by taking your blood pressure every hour. I bet they are. :mad:

Get Well Soon!
Dear Morrissey,

Take care of yourself and be well! I realise how much you mean to me and to so many others! I really hope you get well fast and take time to rest! Good health is SO IMPORTANT!

Big hugs
All mockery aside, I hope the man is alright. Nearly crying here.
My beloved Morrissey,get well soon I love you with all my heart,you need time to rest,forget about the tour,get well that`s what we all want,you`re gonna be ok i know you will...I LOVE YOU.
get well soon we love you moz
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