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St. Eulalia, 1885 - John William Waterhouse
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Art info request

Ok, Cod I know this is slightly askew your original thread title but I will see if anyone knows what I am talking about.

I once saw a B/W photograph that was blown up to poster size (Ansel Adams Style), within this photo was a WWI pilot (Leather jacket and white scarf included) who had just returned home and was standing next to his biplane kissing his wife/girlfriend. I have been looking for a copy of this for a number of years. The only info I have (And it is prob wrong) is that the title of the print is "Home comming" and the photographer is Eric Bissel (Spelled wrong I am sure). If anyone has ever heard of this or has a glimmer of an idea of what the hell i am talking about, could you please PM me so I can find a copy of this. I have tried checking all of the online art/poster/whatever shops and have come up empty handed.


Irises, Saint-Remy, 1889 by Vincent van Gogh
Do you know why there is only 1 White Iris? Because van Gogh was lonely and used that single white one to represent himself within society at the time.
Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David


Little known fact: In the old days before the phone you had to send a letter to 911
The Race Track or Death on a Pale Horse
Albert Pinkham Ryder (American, 1847 - 1917)
c. 1896-1908


* The painting was inspired by a horse race that took place in New York in 1888. A waiter Ryder knew wagered $500 on the race, and then committed suicide when the horse lost. The shadowy forms in the painting, depicted with thick dabs of paint, embody many traditional symbols familiar from the Middle Ages. Death appears as a skeleton on horseback brandishing a scythe. A serpent, symbol of mortality and decay, slithers in the foreground. In reference to the fatal horse race, Death rides on a racetrack, but rides in reverse to the usual direction. (Ryder sometimes referred to the painting as The Reverse.) As was his habit, Ryder worked on the painting for decades, making innumerable changes, and was reluctant to part with it.
A Sailor's Kiss

I have this framed in the master bedroom. When I miss my husband while he is deployed, I look at it and it gives me strength. I know that may sound corny.. but it's true.:o
Ida Pearle

I first became aware of Ida Pearle as a violinist with Flashpaper and Ida, and only secondarily as the lady who designed the idyllic cover art. She turned out to be a great talent in her own right, producing original, strikingly naive, cut-paper collages.

From "Each collage, cut and glued by hand is primarily composed of Coloraid, a silk-screened artist's paper. Other specialty papers, collected from many different sources, are used to add accents of pattern and texture to the collages. For example, Origami paper is used for clothing and other forms which require patterns. Other papers used, include construction paper, craft paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, wallpaper, and decorative paper. Materials like string, ribbon, and cloth lend the pieces even greater dimension and texture. Before the cutting begins each collage requires extensive planning and sketching."




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Cod, heeelp me!
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I've never been that into art. But ever since I was a child I have loved swedish artist Bengt Elde's paintings. Here are a few of my favourites;

Fiskelycka / Fishing joy

Vinglaset / The glass of wine

Gamla Stan / Kittys for the very helpful Cod ;)
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