The Official “Twin Peaks” thread: The Return

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I loved it. I remain frustrated with certain aspects. But I am willing to defer to the artist in this instance. I clarify that caveat because generally I do not feel it is incumbent on the viewer/spectator/whatever to defer to the artist if the message doesn't come though. Art, after all, is articulation. And if the message doesn't come through it could very well be because the artist is too far up his own ass, or is uninspired, or has lost his touch, or any number of reasons.

I do think David is a bit far up his own ass but he is forgiven. I thought is was beautiful.
I got the feeling there was a bit of tug of war between Frost and Lynch when writing it. I get the impression Frost is much more concerned with cohesive narrative, linear plots, and character development than David. I think that for the most part the two of them maintained a good balance between story (Frost) and feel (Lynch.)

This is totally conjecture on my part, admittedly. I have no idea who did what.
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