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    these people are idiots. lol now you are agreeing with me how dumb soccer is.

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    They are your people not mine and maybe it says a lot about how american culture has died almost overnight as european culture and customs is taking over big time.
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    the new name is the football is for idiots thread. 3xlol

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    Which is why you are here you closet fan. I just know you support a side that did not do so well this season.
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    this thread sucks

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    A 1-0 win at Burnley is like winning 5-0 away at Arsenal. Loved it when the United fans sang "there's only one Cyrille Regis" during the minutes silence and applause in his honour.


    Welcome to Manchester United, Alexis Sanchez:


    Do not rate him that much so prove me wrong you little chilean. Mkhitaryan did not only have a funny name but it was clear he had no confidence at all in him but thank you Miki for that second goal in Solna, Sweden, when we won the Europa League and don't do too well at Arsenal, please!

    A night I will never forget as my beloved club won the only trophy missing from the collection in Sweden of all places.
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    We can't have americans actually using the proper english language here so I will change that into american.

    U sux bruh!
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    Apr 1, 2011
    Odd this, I think. I could never support a foreign club. I can have admiration for them, but I couldn’t wear their shirt, anymore than I would a German, French, Argentinian or Scottish shirt.

    Football is the international game, and now it is making significant inroads into China, the US and even India that will only continue.


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    Well, we can't all be small minded racists like you but people like you never quite explained why a person needs to support the local club or one in their own country.

    Some of us grew up with english football on tv and it fascinated us. This idiotic idea that someone absolutely must support a local or national side comes from extreme racism and a narrow mind that beggars belief.

    But I also know it is a view some insecure people always use against people who are allowed to support any club they choose to. The same people having your view cry when a skinhead scribbles a swastika on someones door.

    Oh bless!

    Your view has been posted about a million times on this website and it always came from someone supporting a shit club who of course just had to be jealous of people that supported a successful club but in my case United were far from that when I was a kid and teen and the club was laughed at a lot.

    Those that supported Liverpool back then cause they had success doesn't do so now they claim.


    Hate to break this to you but fans of clubs doesn't give a toss about what people like you think about it and that is of course what drives you crazy. Having said all that the way far east asians and americans have been invested in to create new markets is of course quite sick. We struggled to create an atmosphere at games when people who had travelled all over the world did not seem to be prepared to sing or support the team.

    For me that was more than half the fun but the atmosphere is now gone thanks to the new influx of fans who love their mobile phone more.

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    Great late drama as the Jam Tarts knocked out the Hibees in the Edinburgh derby of the Scottish Cup with a late goal that the referees spotted without any help of technology as it was just over the line.
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    Fuck off you horrible cunt!
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    top 3 european sports: 1. football 2. darts 3. buggery 3xlol

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    I fucked off a long time ago and I never returned.

    I like it here.

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    Top 3 american "sports":

    1. Gun massacres

    2. Whining about Trump

    3. Getting even fatter

    (outside 4th would be sending home losers in body bags meaning americans had to turn real war into a computer game, oh you're not cowards or anything!).

    Every family over there has a dead loser from some war.

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    Spurs made a substitution at Southampton today and took off the oriental Hang My Son.


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    Manchester United confirming the signing of Sanchez on their club channel MUTV and the Paddy Crerand Show will talk about it more live at 18.30 UK time here:

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    Great official welcome video for Alexis Sanchez:

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    Funny transfer but considering Sanchez would have gone for nothing at the end of the season it's good business for Arsenal.

    Had another good weekend, let's hope my lot can follow that up without having a shit one, in short, two good games in a row wouldn't go amiss.

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    It was a straight swap but listening to MUTV tonight they claimed that in the summer Sanchez would have gone for three times as much so I dunno if you are correct or not. Some consider it the best deal United ever made.

    Yeah, I wonder how long it will take to get Forest back to the Premier.

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