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    Coutinho off to Barcelona took longer than expected and was inevitable. Just when Liverpool seemed to have their attack sorted they will have to go back to square one as usual.

    He was one of many expected to leave the Premier League and it cannot be long until Eden Hazard is snapped up from a very under performing Chelsea side.

    Harry Kane off to Real Madrid looks a certainty but not in January of course.

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    Congratulations to Charlie Cheswick on his Forest side knocking the defending champions and record holders Arsenal out of the FA Cup, United in the next round?

    We'll find out tomorrow!

    Forest and that ground of theirs should always host Premier League football in my view. Time for Arsenal to realise that they held onto Wenger for too long (but please let him stay).

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    Don't talk nonsense. The rags will be at home to Newport or some other division 4 side. Nailed on.

    Meanwhile, City will get another Premier League side. They are warming the balls as I type.

    Jukebox 'Come On City' Jury :thumb:

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    Hahaha, every football fan says that but you know full well that rule only applies to Chelsea.
    When was the last time they had a tricky away game in any of the cups?
    Glad you survived New Years!

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    FA Cup 4th round draw live at 19:10 UK time here:

    Fourth Round draw numbers
    1. Sheffield United
    2. Watford
    3. Birmingham City or Burton Albion
    4. Liverpool
    5. Brighton or Crystal Palace
    6. Peterborough
    7. Bournemouth or Wigan
    8. Coventry
    9. Newport County
    10. Huddersfield
    11. Yeovil
    12. Nottingham Forest
    13. Notts County
    14. MK Dons
    15. Manchester United
    16. West Brom
    17. Rochdale
    18. Tottenham
    19. Middlesbrough
    20. Fleetwood or Leicester
    21. Hull
    22. Cardiff or Mansfield
    23. Manchester City
    24. Shrewsbury or West Ham
    25. Wolves or Swansea
    26. Stevenage or Reading
    27. Newcastle
    28. Millwall
    29. Southampton
    30. Preston
    31. Norwich or Chelsea
    32. Carlisle or Sheffield Wednesday

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    As always no one's quite sure where they show the draw for the FA Cup. Above link might be right or it's not.

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    Sorry for providing the wrong channel but it was fascinating to see that the NHS struggles as much as our version does.

    4th round draw in full:

    Liverpool v West Brom

    Peterborough v Fleetwood/Leicester

    Huddersfield v Birmingham

    Notts County v Wolves/Swansea

    Yeovil v Man Utd

    Carlisle/Sheff Wed v Stevenage/Reading

    Cardiff/Mansfield v Man City

    MK Dons v Coventry

    Millwall v Rochdale

    Southampton v Watford

    Middlesbrough v Brighton/Crystal Palace

    Bournemouth/Wigan v Shrewsbury/West Ham

    Hull v Nottm Forest

    Newport v Tottenham

    Norwich/Chelsea v Newcastle

    Sheff Utd v Preston

    Manchester United drawn against away to the lowest ranked side left in the competition, Yeovil Town.

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    Brighton-Palace FA Cup game tonight will try the new camera technique where the referee can watch situations on a screen placed by the pitch.

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    Great game between the two City's, Manchester and Bristol in the "league cup". Return leg might be a classic cause at 2-1 to the mancs the tie is far from over.

    Championship sides showing once again how football should be played and what can happen if you dare go for it.

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    I was half asleep during the Chelsea-Arsenal game tonight and those two sides sure can pass the ball about without ever creating anything worth watching.

    Those Chelsea fans really look stuck in time and a swedish journo wondered towards the end of last year if it's not about time they grow up cause they were the saddest middle aged men he had ever seen.

    During the game it was obvious that a small number of fans are singing and the rest are just sat there looking miserable and if the quiet ones are those the grew up perhaps the game need more fans that never did.
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    Oct 31, 2013
    Thank you! Only just seen this, last weekend was the first time in about three years when it wasn't completely shit to support Forest. We've got our shiny new manager starting today, I think he'll do well.
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    So City failed to remain unbeaten all season like Arsenal did so they will have to do with the trophy on the right and not the one on the left:


    The Liverpool defence is more leaky than the Titanic but did what few other sides have done this season, turned up against City.

    Chelsea goalless yet again and Arsenal losing yet again.
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    Dubbed the greatest game ever and shown again in 2009 on swedish tv to celebrate 40 years of english football on swedish televison, this more than anything is a great tribute to Cyrille Regis:

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    The greatest game ever? By whom. You?

    URBANUS Guest

    It has been called that for ages here in Sweden and abroad. For some reason it became a game everyone who was around then remembered and made a reference to.

    Of the Saturday games shown abroad from the english league this one remained in the memory of a lot of people from people that watched it on tv to journalists.

    This is the thing with some of you football fans that you have no respect for the game and other clubs and are so completely soaked up by who you support that you cannot even listen to other fans and actually learn something.

    If you had googled the game it would have actually come up as "the greatest game ever" but of course with a question marks cause that was the view of the people back then and still to this day many still consider it the best game ever from the english league.

    I know what you're gonna say about a link to DM but that's just an example and the reason for the article is that the game just stuck in a lot of peoples minds all over Europe and of course in England as well.

    It is a sorry state of affairs when football fans of today cannot look outside of their own little insecure box and just take it for what it is, a sentiment shared from way back when a game happened to entertain a lot of people and create a long lasting memory which was why swedish tv showed it in 2009 when they celebrated 40 years of a show called "Tipsextra" who showed live games from England since 1969 and Wolverhampton-Sunderland 1-0 was the first of those games.
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    Interesting post that. Thanks
    The previous question was genuine x

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    As stated in a previous post they celebrated 40 years of english football on swedish television and not 40 years of "Tipsextra" cause with time that state tv run show lost the rights as commercial channels took over.

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    Oh ok, I take your word for it.

    You're obviously not one of those fans then!

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    A very safe ride to 3 points tonight for United and the break and rest in Dubai had done them a world of good.


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    big soccer game today. this one will decide the championship.


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