The "Moz, We Support You" Thread


from the Ice Age to the dole age
I know they take and that they take in turn
And they give you nothing real for yourself in return
But when they've used you and they've broken you and wasted all your money and they've cast your shell aside..

I will be here :D

...Some people have got no pride
They do not understand, the urgency of life
But I love you more than life..


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You have my support always!


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Moz, this to shall be but the past! Keep your head up and am sorry that you have to go though such a bad time!


lovable loser
Fights for rights, everyone's oh so quick with advice
And when they've all said their piece, it's still you I love
Now... just like then!

Luv n hugz, Moz


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tanx... i thought it safer than 'lust smiley'

speaking of lust, LOVE your siggy pic!
(explory -or the artist formerly known as- sent me that gif as a congrats on my 1K. he certainly knows what I like =o)

Oh wow, that lust smiley is great! :D
You shoulda used it in ().

Thank you!! It's my favorite gif, ever. I have the video of the show he did that at, and kept replaying those few seconds over & over & over again. Apparently that's as far as they(the people there) were getting to a strip off of any clothing. It's was quite chilly and he had a cold. :(
Aww, yes he:)() is the best!
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Yes, I would like to be added to this list.

And once again thank you to Merck for keeping everyone in the picture.

Even us over here at 'so-low'! lol! ;)


To Morrissey:

Good luck on your battle with the NME. You have our support.

You were suckered in by "Journalists who lie" trying to make a name for themselves through character-assassination. This discussion is neither important or interesting. Just a rehash of the past. If anything this just proves that they lack originality.

Go on making intelligent music that is real and has meant so much to so many people over so many years. For this you will be remembered.

Yours truly,

p.s. congratulations on your new deal with Decca. I look foreward to your new songs and to seeing you in London next year.
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