The Moz virus (a.k.a. Mozzatitus)

Who infected you with the mozz virus and who have you spread it too.

It started with MTV and My Brother in the 80's with How soon is now and stop me if you think you've heard this one before.

and in the last years I've passed it to 2 ex girlfriends 2 good friends and many others support me with my illness.

(symptoms are quoting mozza in many situations, feeling of euphoria when a Mozza song is played or the name is mention by a 2nd party, cold sweats up to 2 months before a release of a new album or DVD or concert, anger flashes when the name Mozza is spoken in vain or when a bad cover or any cover is made)


It started with This Charming Man on TOTP."84 I think (memory`s going).I forgave the fact he was miming as they all did then.But it was my dad`s "bloody poof" comment over the top of his newspaper that sealed it.:DI`ve had the virus ever since and to be frank it is like having something you can`t shake off.


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Who infected you with the mozz virus and who have you spread it too.


my illness.

(symptoms are quoting mozza in many situations [...])

seek medical attention, urgently
symptoms are quoting mozza in many situations, feeling of euphoria when a Mozza song is played or the name is mention by a 2nd party, cold sweats up to 2 months before a release of a new album or DVD or concert, anger flashes when the name Mozza is spoken in vain or when a bad cover or any cover is made

I'd like to add a new symptom; failing to get through 24 hrs without mentioning his name.

As for me, it's all Willy Russell's fault. I went to a conference in Liverpool in 1999, he was one of the guest speakers and he read from his book 'The Wrong Boy'. I'd heard of Morrissey, and I knew a couple of Smiths tracks, but listening to the author and his protagonist attribute such humour and love towards Moz was interesting. I bought Hatful of Hollow the next day and the rest, as they say, is history.
Since then I've passed the bug on to three workmates and one best friend and it's slowly infecting my Morrissey hating little sister; last week she heard Panic and said "I love that song".


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It was my hubbie! (Now he regrets it, of course.) He kept on telling me how he liked Morrissey when he was younger. So I bought him two cd-s for last Christmas. In January we started listening to them and I was lost :o So I've bought all the other cd-s too. And joined Morrissey-solo :D I've been busy trying to spread the virus but haven't been succesful. Yet.


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I fought the Moz virus at first, because it sounded dreary and whiny, but my husband forced it on me and I'm very glad he did because it is so much better than most other stuff. I have full on moz virus I even dressed as him for halloween 2 years back! So far I have attempted to pass the virus on as much as possible but I only have one convert-my bestest pal in Minnesota- but she's full on in love so I definitely did a good job!


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i got it from my friend last year.... Never had a better one, hope I don't get well soon.


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It might be maybe two years ago when I started to listen his music... Now I have been almost a year obsessed with him. I guess the first song I got pleased with, was maybe "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" or "How Soon Is Now".

When I really started to listen his music, and of course The Smiths, it just felt like I had heard them before, I mean... when I was a little child. That's possible but I never really listened the radio.


WDRE / WLIR Long Island Radio / Modern Rock...

My aunt is 18 years older than I am so when I was in first grade I was listening to early 80's music to be like my cool aunt. Then I found that station and they played the Smiths. While most were listening to Michael Jackson I was listening to New Wave...

The rest is history.
I'm very young. And first I heard Irish Blood English Heart at the radio I want more from this Artist. I heard Your Are The Quarry and Live At Earls Court. I experienced more and more from Morrissey. Than I started to buy older Singles and download concerts from youtube or at smithstorrents. And now, I am ill and glad :D:D:D


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In January it will be twenty years ago... a boy I had a massive and inappropriate crush on sang a snippet of Girlfriend in a Coma, and a bit of Unhappy Birthday. I was astonished that anyone would write such brilliantly weird lyrics... I cut school the next day to go buy Strangeways (on cassette, no less!) and was addicted. Viva Hate came out just a few months later... and as funds allowed I filled in with older Smiths discs.

My interest in the Smiths and Morrissey has far outlasted my interest in the boy; he's long, long gone.


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I accidentally/luckily discovered our local "alternative" radio station (this was back before the term "alternative" had been coined; it was still called "progressive" back then. . .without the current connotation that "progressive rock" has, ie Yes, Marillion, Pink Floyd, etc) when I was about to start high school, so this would have been around spring/summer of 1986.

The two songs I remember making the biggest impression on my impressionable young self were The Cure's "In-Between Days" and The Smiths' "How Soon is Now?" Lucky for me, that was the summer of The Queen is Dead. . .I dove in headfirst to a Smiths fixation.

Yes, I was that 15-year-old "black-eyed-susan," locked in my bedroom with Smiths cassettes (oh, yes!) and LPs, and no, I never got over it. Morrissey has been in my life longer than almost anyone else I know, and I put a lot of stock in that.



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I was first infected in '84. Initially the symptoms were mild - just a little shock, a pleasant tingling and chills up the spine.

The next year I became quite ill, with an itch that I could not scratch. Still, it was a relatively mild case, which did not interfere with my "normal" routine.

It was not until '04 that the virus became full-blown and infectious. My husband caught it from me shortly thereafter, and he is now even sicker than I am. Mozzatitus is like chicken pox - the older you are, the more profound the symptoms. I would post the happy results here, but he is still not comfortable with the occasional drastic change to his appearance.

A few weeks ago he was hurling fellow sufferers onstage and attempting to vault over several rows of bystanders.

Misery loves company.



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wow. you guys are making me feel like a baby. i vaguely remember cassettes, but only because my parents were too cheap to upgrade to the CD player realm... and 1984 was a mess of paste and macaroni for me I am sure...
It caught me 3 or 4 years ago, i walked into the kitchen, i seen my dad dancing to "heaven knows i'm miserable now" and that was the first time i heard the smiths and i heard Moz through the Smiths. The line "In my life
Oh, why do I give valuable time, To people who don't care if I live or die ?" stuck with me. I must have been a very impressionable 12 year old .I'm Still ill and i think Mozzatitus will stay with me forever.


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I'm really new....:o
Anyway, last year around when Ringleader was coming out I heard "You Have Killed Me'' on Sirius radio and I remember that I liked it but for some reason didn't check out more, I think because it was smack down of my Radiohead obession, so last summer I was chatting with someone online and asked me if I liked the Smiths(I was aware of them but never really heard a song of theirs).A couple of days later he send me "Girlfriend in a coma" and "Last Night..." when I heard those songs, I was blown away...not only did "Last Night..." hit so close and almost made me cry and send shivers down my spine but "Girlfriend.." made me laugh. After that I went on my Smiths hunt and watched the video for "Heaven Knows I'm Miseable Now"...yes, the one with the hearing aid and flowers, by then I was head over heels and later watching the video for "This Charming Man" confirmed it.:o Couple of months later I heard "November.." and "Last of the Famous.." and that did for solo Moz. One year later and I'm still ill and there's little hope for a cure.:o;)


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Glad to hear the virus is alive and well and infecting new blood... my 3 and 6 year olds have favorite Moz songs now, too.

But I'm weeping to hear that you heard of Moz from your dad.


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I've never tried to spread the, erm...virus...because either you like the music or you don't. There's nothing more painful than being around someone who's lukewarm about The Smiths or Morrissey. I made a mix CD for a friend once and when she came back a few days later and said she thought it was "okay" I ripped it out of her hands and stuffed a soggy banana in her face. As far as I'm concerned this is one cult that doesn't recruit.


I was first infected in '84.

Yay, an old fart like me! Initial infection for me occurred in 1986 when a cousin exposed me to the Queen Is Dead album. But the disease did not become unmanageable until 1991.

Prognosis is grim. The disease has been active for over 20 years, and I've exhausted my savings, exasperated friends & family over this devastating illness which shows no signs of remission (well, it did falter slightly when Moz threatened David with legal action).

Forever ill!
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