The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 72: I HAVE FORGIVEN JESUS

How do you rate I Have Forgiven Jesus?

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While we wait for the new album to arrive, let us go about rating the songs we know, on a daily basis, and compile our own Morrissey/Smiths Top 100.
And instead of chronologically, let's do them alphabetically.


Voting should be something along these lines:
10: Perfection
9: Near perfect, brilliant
8: Really good Moz/Smiths song
7: Good Moz/Smiths song
6: Decent, OK, Nothing special
5: Uninspired
4: Poor
3: Bad
2: Should never have been released
1: He/They should be ashamed

The songs we've done so far (voting is still open, click to vote):

Part 1: A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours
Part 2: A Song From Under The Floorboards
Part 3: A Swallow On My Neck
Part 4: Accept Yourself
Part 5: All The Lazy Dykes
Part 6: Alma Matters
Part 7: Alsatian Cousin
Part 8: Ambitious Outsiders
Part 9: America Is Not The World
Part 10: Ammunition
Part 11: Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
Part 12: Asian Rut
Part 13: Ask
Part 14: Asleep
Part 15: At Amber
Part 16: At Last I Am Born
Part 17: Back To The Old House
Part 18: Barbarism Begins At Home
Part 19: Bengali In Platforms
Part 20: Best Friend On The Payroll
Part 21: Bigmouth Strikes Again
Part 22: Billy Budd
Part 23: Black-Eyed Susan
Part 24: Boxers
Part 25: Break Up The Family
Part 26: Cemetry Gates
Part 27: Certain People I Know
Part 28: Christian Dior
Part 29: Come Back To Camden
Part 30: Cosmic Dancer
Part 31: Dagenham Dave
Part 32: Dear God Please Help Me
Part 33: Death At One's Elbow
Part 34: Death Of A Disco Dancer
Part 35: Dial-A-Cliche
Part 36: Disappointed
Part 37: Do Your Best And Don't Worry
Part 38: Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
Part 39: Driving Your Girlfriend Home
Part 40: East West
Part 41: Everyday Is Like Sunday
Part 42: First Of The Gang To Die
Part 43: Found Found Found
Part 44: Frankly Mr Shankly
Part 45: Friday Mourning
Part 46: Ganglord
Part 47: Get Off The Stage
Part 48: Girl Afraid
Part 49: Girl Least Likely To
Part 50: Girlfriend In A Coma
Part 51: Glamorous Glue
Part 52: Golden Lights
Part 53: Good Looking Man About Town
Part 54: Hairdresser On Fire
Part 55: Half A Person
Part 56: Hand In Glove
Part 57: Handsome Devil
Part 58: Have-A-Go Merchant
Part 59: He Cried
Part 60: He Knows I'd Love To See Him
Part 61: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Part 62: Heir Apparent
Part 63: Hold On To Your Friends
Part 64: How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
Part 65: How Soon Is Now?
Part 66: Human Being
Part 67: I Am Hated For Loving
Part 68: I Am Two People
Part 69: I Can Have Both
Part 70: I Don't Mind If You Forget Me
Part 71: I Don't Owe You Anything


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Too moody for my liking, and morrissey looks really old in the video:eek:


Being a recovering hardcore Baptist I can relate to this song. its good, but nothing brilliant. 8, I suppose.


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I gave it a 6.

The piano sounds like a cheap synthetic pre-set, which is unforgivable. It could have been so much grander with a 'Plea to guilty' production treatment.

Other than the joyous days of the week stanza the lyrics are below par and a touch immature to my jaded ears, the 'do you hate me' coda is redolent of a Lower School Nativity play and it represents the watershed in his preoccupation with all things God-related, which I think is the least inspiring theme that runs through the Mozzer canon.

Musically it's always reminded me of 'Little by Little' by Oasis. Which isn't intended as a compliment.


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A solid 10 from me. Who other than Morrissey could have a song with that title and make it work? In my opinion this is one of his true masterpieces and the best song from a brillant album.

It was fantastic live in 2004 as well.

The people that gave this a "1" need their head examined...or to rethink their religious beliefs.


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:rolleyes: Out of curiosity... is there any Morrissey song that you like?

Every time I open a 'How do you rate..." thread, I see you voting 1 and saying the song is shite. :confused:

yes, i think some of them are really quite good.

i think i've only "voted" for a few that i really like or really don't like.


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yes, i think some of them are really quite good.

i think i've only "voted" for a few that i really like or really don't like.

hmm, I think if you are voting you should vote in them all.

you're giving my post an 8? what do i have to do for a 10?

cheeky! that was my vote for the song and you know that, however to get a ten for a post, well the shower of B's comment to Kewpie was the comment of the month one time. :p


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Not one of my favorite singles...but still very good...

The day of the week thing is a bit reminiscent of "Friday, I'm In Love"
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