The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 65: HOW SOON IS NOW?

How do you rate How Soon Is Now?

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While we wait for the new album to arrive, let us go about rating the songs we know, on a daily basis, and compile our own Morrissey/Smiths Top 100.
And instead of chronologically, let's do them alphabetically.

Song for Today: HOW SOON IS NOW?

Voting should be something along these lines:
10: Classic, perfect
9: Near classic, brilliant
8: Really good Moz/Smiths song
7: Good Moz/Smiths song
6: Decent, OK, Nothing special
5: Uninspired
4: Poor
3: Bad
2: Should never have been released
1: He/They should be ashamed

The songs we've done so far (voting is still open, click to vote):

Part 1: A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours
Part 2: A Song From Under The Floorboards
Part 3: A Swallow On My Neck
Part 4: Accept Yourself
Part 5: All The Lazy Dykes
Part 6: Alma Matters
Part 7: Alsatian Cousin
Part 8: Ambitious Outsiders
Part 9: America Is Not The World
Part 10: Ammunition
Part 11: Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
Part 12: Asian Rut
Part 13: Ask
Part 14: Asleep
Part 15: At Amber
Part 16: At Last I Am Born
Part 17: Back To The Old House
Part 18: Barbarism Begins At Home
Part 19: Bengali In Platforms
Part 20: Best Friend On The Payroll
Part 21: Bigmouth Strikes Again
Part 22: Billy Budd
Part 23: Black-Eyed Susan
Part 24: Boxers
Part 25: Break Up The Family
Part 26: Cemetry Gates
Part 27: Certain People I Know
Part 28: Christian Dior
Part 29: Come Back To Camden
Part 30: Cosmic Dancer
Part 31: Dagenham Dave
Part 32: Dear God Please Help Me
Part 33: Death At One's Elbow
Part 34: Death Of A Disco Dancer
Part 35: Dial-A-Cliche
Part 36: Disappointed
Part 37: Do Your Best And Don't Worry
Part 38: Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
Part 39: Driving Your Girlfriend Home
Part 40: East West
Part 41: Everyday Is Like Sunday
Part 42: First Of The Gang To Die
Part 43: Found Found Found
Part 44: Frankly Mr Shankly
Part 45: Friday Mourning
Part 46: Ganglord
Part 47: Get Off The Stage
Part 48: Girl Afraid
Part 49: Girl Least Likely To
Part 50: Girlfriend In A Coma
Part 51: Glamorous Glue
Part 52: Golden Lights
Part 53: Good Looking Man About Town
Part 54: Hairdresser On Fire
Part 55: Half A Person
Part 56: Hand In Glove
Part 57: Handsome Devil
Part 58: Have-A-Go Merchant
Part 59: He Cried
Part 60: He Knows I'd Love To See Him
Part 61: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Part 62: Heir Apparent
Part 63: Hold On To Your Friends
Part 64: How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?

Alcoholic Afternoons

11. Put aside for a minute how many times you've heard it and reflect on when you were first listening to it. Awesome song.


I am mine.
This song is ok. I prefer the original by russian lesbians T.A.T.U.................

Seriously though, i gave it a ten for the fact when i was 15 i used to skip my tape to the "There's a club if you'd like to go..." bit so much i had to keep retaping it. Oooo analogue music players, how we miss you!

the judge

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The lyrics are perfect.
The music, however, is not. I prefer the live versions, without all the guitar effects. Sometimes I find it too long and I often skip it.

So a+b+c= 8

Ben Budd

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Too long and simply too overplayed. Good live in 2004/2006 though.

Too cold, too technical. Lyrics like today, says nothing new. Overplayed. Misplayed.


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This is a Classic and a Classic=10 according to these polls so...

Yes, but a classic in YOUR world, not in the Morrissey-world or The Smiths-world or the music world, so it's all about personal taste.

Maybe I should rephrase the rating:

10: One of the best, perfect
9: Not perfect maybe, but f***ing brilliant anyway
8: Really good Moz/Smiths song
7: Good Moz/Smiths song
6: Decent, OK, Nothing special
5: Uninspired
4: Poor
3: Bad
2: Should never have been released
1: He/They should be ashamed


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Is a classic, yes its overplayed, yes its not my favorite, but its amazing.


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Not my favourite... but a brilliant, brilliant song. The live version from Thank Your Lucky Stars is just pure brilliance.

This song is an absolute classic...... I know it's been overplayed and I sometimes will skip it but when I do listen to it........ I realize why I love Moz and his music so much, this song speaks to me in a way that no one else can.

The live version from the current tour is amazing..... the highlight of the setlist for me.... the transition from Life Is A Pigsty to this song was breathtaking.
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