The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 39: DRIVING YOUR GIRLFRIEND HOME

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yes I am blind
I LOVE Sing your Life Too! SING your Life has the best Morrissey Video.

Anyway, I love most of Kill Uncle. And Driving Your Girlfriend Home is quite a beautiful song. Not classic MOZ, but still a nice song.


sing-a your liiiiii-eee-fe
sing your lii-eee-fe
just walk right up to the microphone and naaaaame
all the things you loooove
all the things you don't loooove
na, na na-na-na
ohh, sing your liife..

Okay. I accept that I am the only person here who likes Sing Your Life...
I love sing your life so add one more to the list. It's a cool song.

unruly boy

So very sickened.
Man, I've missed some stuff on here in my absence.

Thus song is an absolute classic, one of my all-time favourites. Lyrical perfection and a great low-key melody.

Shame I've lost my KU CD.
I think it is such a potentially great song, but in the end is just ended up as 'not bad'. I quite like the lyrics and the idea of the song, but it is too slow and to be honest a bit dull.


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Okay, who gave it a 10?! A "Classic?" Perfect? Are you serious?

Yep, it's right up there with 'There Is A Light..."

From It May All End Tomorow:

"A gentle and carefully composed paean to broken dreams, complemented by one of the more evocative music parts on "Kill Uncle". These are particularly interesting lyrics as the main emotional impact comes not directly, nor implicitly from the words that are present, but specifically from what is not said. By carefully skirting around the relationship between the driver and the passenger (the only indication of any relationship at all is the polite farewell) the focus at first is on the content of the conversation. Morrissey singing of his complicity in obeying her directions is a red herring on two levels - as well as serving to break up the devastating dialogue between driver and passenger, it also brings the lyrics down to a practical level; the stark factuality is in subtle contrast with the hidden and unsaid true meaning.
The driver's helpless plea of "I can't tell her" is once again readable on several levels. It is seemingly contrasting with his simple direct description of his driving. The driver is capable of simple things like that but is lost when it comes to the deeper things of life; could this be considered as a "frank" admission of the true reason behind the first song on "Kill Uncle", Our Frank ?
At the same time, of course, there is a strong hint that the driver in the song is specifically trying to avoid any questions of this, another clue that there may be an unrequited desire here.
It is my personal theory that this song is closely related to The Smiths' song There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. See that link for an explanation of why I believe there is a definite link.
Ian Bell comments :

"It seems the driver is playing the classic 'gooseberry' role, trusted enough (undesirable enough?) to drive the girl home by their mutual friend; the girl is in a loveless relationship, frustrated and keen to talk about her problems. They have a considerable amount in common, not least an obscured dislike of the boyfriend in question, who is no doubt a pretty unsavoury character who deserves the attention of neither. However, amidst a sense of awkwardness at their farewell, the dislike is not such that they would do anything more than shake hands politely."

This song features Morrissey's long-term friend Linder on backing vocals."

I gave it a nine, would have been a 10 had Kill Uncle been properly produced.

Still Tired

as it were...
I wavered between 9/ 10 but had to go for top marks. I just love the wistful quality to Morrissey’s voice and the gentleness of this story of longing/ regret, it’s quite beautiful. And I like the ethereal quality of Linder’s backing vocals.


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Remains my all time favourite Moz song. The lyrics are deda on and the bass line is perfect. I wonder if some of you listen to the songs or just worry about what "the crowd is doing?"


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Okay, who gave it a 10?! A "Classic?" Perfect? Are you serious?

Yep, it's right up there with 'There Is A Light..."

That's what I think when I see some songs get a 10.. I'm like..


Life is a Pigsty
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice.


If you want to debate the first 3 are not 10s, that's fine, but they are way more 10's than Daddy's Voice or DYGH. I gave it an 8 and I think its the best song on the record. I might come up with another 8 but no 9's or 10's on it.

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I gave it a 10, what ya gonna do about it? I'll tell you what ya gonna do about it......Nowt.....:p :D


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The lyrics are quite nice, but musically, it's about as dull as it can get. Blah blah blah blah blah... 6.


Starved Of Mirth

I love sing your life (you're not alone)
but this is the track I like the least from kill uncle, still it's an 8
This is a very disturbing comment. I'm still trying to fathom this.

Driving Your Girlfriend Home = Worst;
Driving Your Girlfriend Home < Asian Rut
Driving Your Girlfriend Home < The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye.

Driving Your Girlfriend Home = 8;
Therefore, Asian Rut >= 8;
And The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye >= 8.

This truly boggles the mind.
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