The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 271: NEAL CASSADY DROPS DEAD

How do you rate Neal Cassady Drops Dead?

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In 2007, and early 2008, we put up polls for all 234 then released Morrissey and The Smiths-songs. More than 40,000 votes were cast and this resulted in The Morrissey/Smiths Top 100, or indeed, The Morrissey/The Smiths Top 234. In 2009/2010 we updated this chart with the 25 new songs that were released in 2008-2010. The final results of 2010, the 'Top 259', can be viewed here. Now, 4 years on, many people have asked me to continue with the polls as since the last one 25 new Morrissey-songs have been released.
So we'll start with the songs that were released in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and we'll end with the 18 songs from World Peace Is None of Your Business.

So here it goes. Let's hope for as big a turn-out as in 2007 and 2010 and, once again, vote with your heart, not with your mind.

Song 271: Neal Cassady Drops Dead (Morrissey/Gustavo Manzur)

Neal Cassady drops dead
and Allen Ginsberg's tears
shampoo his beard
Neal Cassady drops dead
and Allen Ginsberg's
lips tighten and thin
Neal Cassady drops dead
and Allen Ginsberg's
hosed down in a barn
Neal Cassady drops dead
and Allen Ginsberg's
"Howl" becomes a growl
everyone has babies
babies full of rabies
rabies full of scabies
Scarlett has a fever
ringlets full of ringworm
angel of distemper
the little fella has got Rubella
nipper full of fungus
junior full of gangrene
minor's melanoma
tyke full of grippe
whipper snapper scurvy
urchin made of acne
get that thing away from me
Or life's adventurer?
which of the two are you?
Or life's adventurer?
which of the two are you?

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I am being a wee bit generous probably...but I gave it a 10. There's nothing I'd change about it.
I gave it an 8, but only because I'm grading on a curve. If it were anyone other than Morrissey, I'd give it a 10.

NCDD is going to turn out to be the sleeper classic off of WPINOYB. Great song, and unlike anything else he's done.
it was at some point, during 1st listening to this track, when I realized that Morrissey was back! :thumb:
I love this track so, from the guitar, lyrics* including the non-word lyrics, just everything about it really :blushing:

*=especially the ones about being life's adventurer because thats the type of Morrissey fan I considert myself, listening to so much of his music helps propel me into the unknown :guitar:
not sit back and become one of life's victims as it seems to, sadly, resonate for so many other fans :o
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I, like Chickpea, grade on the curve, only in the opposite direction. There are some intriguing musical choices and interesting lyrics in the first verse and the refrain, but the "child disease rap" makes me wince. The flamenco guitar line is not enough to save it and the "la la la" repetitions go on about two reps too long. Early on, it was bewitching - but then I began to feel that there is little foundation below the facade. Fair warning to WPINOYB wonks: this will be a common theme in my responses to future songs.
One of my favourites on the album. I wasn't to sure about the rap on the first few listens but now a love it. A solid 9 for me.
So here it goes. Let's hope for as big a turn-out as in 2007 and 2010 and, once again, vote with your heart, not with your mind.

So, how's the turn-out now that Anonymous voting has been disabled?
Another 8 for me. A strong track, perfectly placed on the album, giving impetus to the following songs. Interesting lyrics, and a genuinely different feel for what can be termed as a 'rap'.
So, how's the turn-out now that Anonymous voting has been disabled?

That doesn't really come into it, as in the past I've also disallowed it, in order to prevent anonymous users from downvoting.
Still the majority of the polls reached 100 votes easily and now they struggle to reeach 50.
I guess the activity rate of the forum has changed drastically (as the world has...).
Still, as I've previously stated, it doesn't really affect the general outcome.
These polls are great, Houdini! Thanks for doing this.

I agree. I know these new songs were discussed when the WPINOYB was released but it's interesting to read how people view and rate them now, three months on.
Brilliantly recorded and produced - but once you get past all the production tricks it's a VERY shallow song. The same four boring chord sequence repeated over and over, and the lyrics don't really amount to anything much (comedy 'rap' interlude aside).

A triumph of style over substance. First time I heard it, I liked it - but every subsequent listen shows just how it's all smoke and mirrors - behind the gloss, there is quite litereally nothing there.

i love the lyrics but you might have to know more about the time and and people and there relationship, really its more about ginsberg than cassidy and mimics his poetry much more in lexicon and syntax. i love the line "angel of distemper" and say it all the time.
AWESOME song! It surprised me right from the get go, because of the wee intro makes you expect something quite different, then it's like Years of Refusal never quite went away! First few listens of the album made me write this one off as a hanger on from YOR, but it has grown on me and is one of my favourites from WPINOYB now. ~8!
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