The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 26: CEMETRY GATES

How do you rate Cemetry Gates?

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While we wait for the new album to arrive, let us go about rating the songs we know, on a daily basis, and compile our own Morrissey/Smiths Top 100.

And instead of chronologically, let's do them alphabetically.

Song for Today: CEMETRY GATES

Voting should be something along these lines:
10: Classic
9: Near classic, fucking brilliant anyway
8: Really good Moz/Smiths song
7: Good Moz/Smiths song
6: Decent, OK, Nothing special
5: Uninspired
4: Poor
3: Bad
2: Should never have been released
1: He/They should be ashamed

The top-25 so far (voting will remain open, click to vote):

1) Bigmouth Strikes Again, rating: 9,37
2) Asleep, rating so far: 9,04
3) A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours, rating: 8,87
4) Back To The Old House, rating: 8,59
5) Ask, rating: 8,42
6) Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together, rating: 8,32
7) Alsatian Cousin, rating: 8,28
8) Barbarism Begins At Home, rating: 8,20
9) Boxers, rating: 8,07
10) Alma Matters, rating: 7,80
11) A Swallow On My Neck, rating: 7,60
12) Accept Yourself, rating: 7,55
13) Billy Budd, rating: 7,46
14) Break Up The Family, rating: 7,44
15) Bengali In Platforms, rating: 7,30
15) A Song From Under The Floorboards, rating: 7,12
17) At Last I Am Born, rating: 6,78
18) At Amber, rating: 6,65
19) Ammunition, rating 6,65
20) Asian Rut, rating: 6,65
21) Best Friend On The Payroll, rating: 6,60
22) Ambitious Outsiders, rating: 6,44
23) America Is Not The World, rating: 6,42
24) Black-Eyed Susan, rating: 6,40
25) All The Lazy Dykes, rating: 6,16


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Not one of the best Smiths songs; but not the worst by far either. Nice breezy singalong for summer :) I envy Linder Sterling massively.


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8 - Certainly quite good, very catchy and clever, but way overrated by some fans in my opinion. :o

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one of my favourite Smiths tracks. Beautiful lyrics and fantastic music!
I love Morrissey, he's my son.


from the Ice Age to the dole age
I love Morrissey, he's my son.
Pretending you are Jesus Christ is neither funny or clever; it is offensive. More offensive than Lesley-Anne username even.


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One of my favourite songs ever written...... love everything about it; the lyrics, the music - all genius.

we gravely read the stones. :D
Great lyrics and the fact that i love all the literary figures mentioned means i enjoy it even more. 10

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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one of my favorite moments in college was quoting this song when people directly quoted some author they read without giving the proper citiation :)


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very solid 8 for me.

One thing I noticed is if you haven't heard the song for a while, go play it and then vote.

I hadn't heard Billy Budd in ages and I downloaded the Drury Lane show yesterday and the FM Broadcast of that is really powerful. If I voted right after hearing that I would have given it an 8 or a 9.


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One of my favourite songs ever written...... love everything about it; the lyrics, the music - all genius.

we gravely read the stones. :D
I love the lyric change from the last ever Smiths gig..

"So we go inside and we stonely read the graves"


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"all those people all those lives where are they now, with loves and hates and passions just like mine, they were born and then they lived and then they died......seems so unfair, I want to cry"

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