The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 251: FANTASTIC BIRD

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In 2007, and early 2008, we put up polls for all 234 then released Morrissey and The Smiths-songs. More than 25,000 votes were cast and the result was The Morrissey/Smiths Top 100, or indeed, The Morrissey/The Smiths Top 234. This year many people have asked me to continue with the polls as 18 new Morrissey-songs have been released since. With the release of 'Swords' now seems as good a time as any to start them.

Now that we've done all the new songs from 2009, it's time to move on to the older songs that were released this year.


Voting should be something along these lines:
10: Perfection
9: Near perfect, brilliant
8: Really good Moz/Smiths song
7: Good Moz/Smiths song
6: OK, Nothing special
5: Uninspired
4: Poor
3: Bad
2: Should never have been released
1: He should be ashamed

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No one's heard this song, then?
It's on the SG-reissue.

The worst of the 3 additions, I would say, but still OK. Would have made a nice b-sode back in the day.

Yeah, filler in most respects. But still not a bad popsong. A 6.
The best of the three additional songs on the new SG. Should have been on Your Arsenal or at least a b-side back in '92.
a 9

a short good sounding song though Marr has a special kind of playing, and can't be fooled, it could've been a Smiths song.

I'm bit late, so my apologies mr Houdini;)

keep on doing the great job, it'll be the legendary POLL which we can
use about discussions of songs

I'm not suprised if Mr Gatenby allready start negotiating for using it in his next
Pullitzer prize winner book:lbf:

he's a clever Lad, and busdriver in his spare time
This may be my least favorite of the unreleased tracks that have finally been released officially or via bootleg.I just do not like it, makes me cringe.
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