The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 248: SORRY DOESN'T HELP

How do you rate Sorry Doesn't Help?

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Hi Houdini ,

I really appreciate your efforts in finalizing this mammoth poll , and can't wait to see the final updated results.

My question is : Did you receive more votes on the "older" songs this time round , other than MY votes , that is ? I hope so !

And , by the way , I do love this song Sorry doesn't help ; not so much the lyrics , but the music rocks..A solid 9 from me...:guitar:

Thanks, zulu sierra.

Yes, especially the last couple of songs from the previous series of polls, That's How People Grow Up and All You Need Is Me, gained as much as 50 % extra votes. Also the older ones all got some extra votes.

Not that it makes much difference to the average rating as it is my experience that most songs have a more or less fixed rating once they reach 50 votes. From there on they mostly lose or gain 0.1 point at the most.

Anyway, I will post all the new scores once the final results will be made public, early next year, so keep voting!


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7. This song has really grown on me. It's better than 'That's How People Grow Up', 'One Day Goodbye Will be Farewell' and possibly 'Black Cloud' too. I don't think it plods like the other two - i really like the sparks-like synth and the intro.

Gregor Samsa

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Again, fine lyrics, but in completely lack off melody and grace. Nothing more than a 5.
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