The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 23: BLACK-EYED SUSAN

How do you rate Black-Eyed Susan?

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While we wait for the new album to arrive, let us go about rating the songs we know, on a daily basis, and compile our own Morrissey/Smiths Top 100.

And instead of chronologically, let's do them alphabetically.

Song for Today: BLACK-EYED SUSAN

Voting should be something along these lines:
10: Classic
9: Near classic, f***ing brilliant anyway
8: Really good Moz/Smiths song
7: Good Moz/Smiths song
6: Decent, OK, Nothing special
5: Uninspired
4: Poor
3: Bad
2: Should never have been released
1: He/They should be ashamed

The top-22 so far (voting will remain open, click to vote):

1) Bigmouth Strikes Again, rating: 9,45
2) Asleep, rating so far: 9,03
3) A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours, rating: 8,88
4) Back To The Old House, rating: 8,52
5) Ask, rating: 8,39
6) Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together, rating: 8,34
7) Alsatian Cousin, rating: 8,30
8) Barbarism Begins At Home, rating: 8,17
9) Alma Matters, rating: 7,78
10) A Swallow On My Neck, rating: 7,59
11) Accept Yourself, rating: 7,52
12) Billy Budd, rating: 7,38
13) Bengali In Platforms, rating: 7,24
14) A Song From Under The Floorboards, rating: 7,21
15) At Last I Am Born, rating: 6,86
16) At Amber, rating: 6,77
17) Best Friend On The Payroll, rating: 6,70
18) Ammunition, rating 6,66
19) Asian Rut, rating: 6,64
20) Ambitious Outsiders, rating: 6,44
21) America Is Not The World, rating: 6,41
22) All The Lazy Dykes, rating: 6,15


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I just L-O-V-E this song! However the odd break in the middle bumps the rating to a.....9.


well, that's the story of my life..
GRRRRRRREAT song, indeed.

"You are a born again atheist."

9! so good.


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This song frustrates me horribly. I LOVE the verses! I despise the "experimental" middle section. If Moz had bothered to finish the song, it could have been one of his best. Still, I love the verses enough to give it an 8. Such a pity...
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