The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 224: YES, I AM BLIND

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Let's compile a Morrissey/Smiths Top 100 by rating all 232 Moz/Smiths-songs.

Song for Today: YES, I AM BLIND

Voting should be something along these lines:
10: Perfection
9: Near perfect, brilliant
8: Really good Moz/Smiths song
7: Good Moz/Smiths song
6: OK, Nothing special
5: Uninspired
4: Poor
3: Bad
2: Should never have been released
1: He/They should be ashamed

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It's all good
This is a Rourke co-write isn't it? Very nice song indeed, but if you have a musical ear, you can pick out that some of the tune and most of the time signature are lifted from Gilbert O'Sullivan's Nothing Rhymed, which of course Moz has covered live.



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"Good Christians, they wanna kill you"

A really strong B-side from the 90's. Great lyrics, great song and a 9 from me.


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When will the polls actually close? I mean, how long are we gonna wait after the last song to count the votes?

As for YIAB, nice little b-side IMO. 7.

God, come down
If you're really there
'Cause you're the one that claims to care


lovable loser
Evil people prosper over the likes of you and me always…

My favorite self-pity tune (for Moz & myself) and a total ten -cuz in my sorry way I LOVE this song.

Beautiful (at least to me) music with lyrics that I can relate to. The opening lines are especially killer. …there must be something horribly wrong with me. *UGH!*

I’d love him to make s’more of this music, but he’s just too damn happy now :rolleyes:


am i really so strange?
Corrissey said:
I’d love him to make s’more of this music, but he’s just too damn happy now :rolleyes:

Yeah, that's a good point to add to the debate over the standard of his new material. Is a major factor why he can't get to the heady heights of any point up to and including '97 simply because he's too happy these days? How many sad, self-pitying songs are there on Ringleader? Not much more than Life Is A Pigsty, surely? Although i do appreciate this thread is actually for the discussion of Yes, I Am Blind, so I'll stop there.


How many sad, self-pitying songs are there on Ringleader? Not much more than Life Is A Pigsty, surely?

well i wouldnt exactly call pigsty self pitying


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Sorry but these lyrics never fail to make me cringe and are amongst the worst from Morrissey, in my opinion:

Little lamb
On a hill
Run fast if you can
Good christians, they want to kill you
And your life has not even begun !
Youre just like me, youre just like me
Oh, your life has not even begun !

:sick: :sick: :sick:

Sorry moz. Next!


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I listened to this song last night while I was doing the dishes....

It was one of those Morrissey songs that really 'got' me back in the day...when I did feel like my life 'had not even begun'


Forever Ill
a 7

a hidden track [likewise] on Bona Drag, it never gets mentioned...its
like it doesn't exist

musicly it's not impressive, nor the lyrics but Morrissey's voice is

little lamb
on a hill
run fast if you can
good chistians
they wanna kill you
and your life didn't even began
you just like me 2x
and yer life has not even begun


this part he sings it beautifull


electric witch
For me, this song is a perfect 10 in the classic Morrissey sense ... all the themes are there - self-pity, self-deprecation, cynicism but a ray of hope despite it all with a dash of good ol' Catholicism ... "God, come down if you're really there, well you're the one who claims to care." Love it!

The 1st verse - I don't claim to be the world's biggest pessimist, but I too struggle to not just see the bad things in life so this song is like a mantra to me. Generally when a grave situation presents itself, I imagine the worst of it. That whole silver lining concept just escapes me.

The 2nd verse ... the whole "love's young dream" thing - tragic, beautiful & heartfelt. Moz should have hung this theme up here ... or at least spared us the "There are things worse in life than never being someone's sweetie" line in the current "THPGU" single ... eek!

The 3rd verse ... call it corny religious reference if you must but being the recovering Catholic that I am, I'm a total sucker for it.

So "Yes I Am Blind" ... yes, I adore.


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9 - one of the few Moz songs that live up to that dumb old 'miserablist' reputation, but so damn good! I have to limit how much I listen to this, though, as it's been known to make me weep.


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When will the polls actually close? I mean, how long are we gonna wait after the last song to count the votes?

After I put up the last song voting will remain open for a week.
Then the results will be published here, at the end of January.

Well I Wonder

Now, Today, Tomorrow.....
6/10. I like it for sentmental reasons but its not a great track musically.
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