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You got it baby. My homeboy, Matt Walker rawks--MDR rocks. Can I just tell you all (I've been dying all day), that I heard from a very reliable source today that Matt is indeed working on recording new material with Mozzer. That's all I can leak without losing a friendship. Srsly (to quote nugz). Trust me, people. so, now--would you tell me that you love me?
Dang. Give me a few drinks and I tell all my secrets.


I sent them an email and Matt was nice enough to reply -

On Mon Aug 13 23:00 , Adam Marr sent:


I just happened to come across your site because of a post about Matt
Walker on I don't usually like stuff
straight away but the 2 songs I've heard so far a re f***ing
awesome!!! Keep it up!

What are your influences? I can see a bit of MSP in MDR :)


hi adam, thanks for the kind words, i hope you stay on board we have a lot more music to release this year!
the influence range is to wide to sum up, and each ep we put out will be a different story
but still , the batch of material currently on the myspace page is definitely born of
our love for the cure, iggy pop, neu! and all things martin hannett....

take care
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lovable loser
Thanks, marred! mw IS a sweetie! He has great influences not to mention the way cool peeps he's gigged with!! I like their sound, too and hope to get a copy of the CDs thru that source o mine =o) I hope they play Matt's & JT's hometown soon!

Drummer love!!
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