The Morrissey Smiths Disco, this Friday 2nd March, The Star&Garter, Manchester


Now currently spawning TWO rip-off nights in Manchester's "Northern Quarter" (a name Manchester nicked from Leeds), one which is held in a fully working open-every-day bar and charges to get in, and one which is held in a fully working open-every-day pub and used to charge to get in but then stopped charging to get in and expects a Knighthood for it.

The one and only truly original 18 year old Morrissey Smiths Disco is back for its regular monthly visit like a Gremlin having it's period. In the rain.

9pm - 2.30am
5 pounds at the door - which covers those little things like bills and overheads, mortgages, stock, wages, tax etc, you get the idea.
Arrive early to avoid missing a song that you heard once and loved forever. - The Facebook Event - How to find us
@Star_GarterManc - follow us on Twitter

The Star and Garter
18-20 Fairfield Street
M1 2QF
0161 273 6726

Before you phone;
There are no advance tickets
We have a customer car park
We're opposite Platform 14 of Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station
We're 100 yards from a hotel!

The Star and Garter is unashamedly in it for the money because we're only open, on average, three nights per week. One day the Council will make good on their 22 year old promise to redevelop Fairfield Street and enable us to open all day every day of the week. Just like other pubs do in more affluent areas of Manchester City Centre, where custom is plenty but fresh new ideas for club nights are so very, very thin on the ground that the bars, clubs and promoters just rip us off like the corporate behemoths and capitalist pigs they all pretend to despise and love to criticise. See also: venues who only register themselves as "Charities" in order to secure a £1.5 million grant which they then sit on and live off the interest for 2 years before getting round to "redeveloping" the building. You know who you are.

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