The Mission to release new album by end of April

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The Mission, formed by Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams in early 1986 after they’d left The Sisters Of Mercy, will release their new album "God’s a bullet" on April 30th via Oblivion records. "God Is A Bullet" features 15 new songs recorded between September and December 2006 in Bath/England and completed in Wayne Hussey’s own Green Room studio in Brazil. Produced and headed by Wayne the album features the line-up of Mark Gemini Thwaite on guitar, Rich Vernon on bass, and Steve Spring on drums. Expect songs that handle different subjects such as incest, animal cruelty, cross dressing and role playing, Liverpool FC, voyeurism, love as addiction and love as celebration, psychotherapy, war on terrorism and even premature ejaculation. Also included on the album are some special guests as we reported earlier: Simon Hinkler, Tim Bricheno (All About Eve), Julianne Regan (All About Eve) who most know for the female voice on notable early Mission recordings such as "Severina" and "Beyond The Pale". The album also features cellist Caroline Dale who worked with Page & Plant, Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd, and Oasis. Caroline is also a regular member of the London Metropolitan Orchestra as is violinist Cathy Thompson who can count the Michael Nyman band, Peter Gabriel, Page & Plant, and Robbie Williams amongst her credits. The track listing is as follows:
  1. Still Deep Waters
  2. Keep It In The Family
  3. Belladonna
  4. To Love & To Kill With The Very Same Hand
  5. Aquarius & Gemini
  6. Blush
  7. Chinese Burn
  8. Father
  9. Hdshrinkerea
  10. Draped In Red
  11. Running With Scissors
  12. Silhouette
  13. Dumb
  14. Absolution
  15. Grotesque
The new Mission EP "Keep It In The Family" will be released on Friday March 23rd in Germany and Monday 26th in the rest of Europe. The EP will hold 3 brand new Mission songs ("Whether Man", "Refugee" and "It Don’t Matter Anymore Anyhow") besides two versions of "Keep It In The Family".
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