The Merchant of Vegas (not by Shakespeare)

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Following Moz’s outstanding record-breaking merch sales at Vegas (in the ‘Morrisseum’), here’s a collation of some/most of the valiant efforts on ‘merch’ related song titles submitted by folks on here. There may well be more out there?
Thanks to all who contributed, & honourable mention to @Phranc & Open . Enjoy:

  1. All You Need Is Merch
  2. American Merch, English Pounds
  3. Buy Your Merch And Don't Worry
  4. Buyer Meet Merchant
  5. Darling, I Hug a (Merch) Pillow
  6. Dial-A-Merché
  7. Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Merch
  8. Don't Make Fun Of Merch Seller's Voice
  9. Driving Your Merch Seller Home
  10. Fantastic Merch
  11. First Of The Merch To Buy
  12. Get Off My Merch
  13. Good Looking Merch Seller About Town
  14. Have A Go Merch-ant
  15. Hold On To Your Merch
  16. I Am Not A Dog With No Merch
  17. I Can Have Merch (there is no need to choose)
  18. I Don’t Mind If You Buy Merch
  19. I Just Want To See The Merch Seller Happy (a.k.a. "Money to burn")
  20. I Know Very Well How You Got Your Merch
  21. I Will See You In Far-Off Merch Places (Caesar`s theme)
  22. Interesting Merch
  23. Jacky's Only Happy When She's Buying Merch
  24. Little Merch (seller), What Now?
  25. Merch Ain't Murder
  26. Merch Buyer In A Coma
  27. Merch Is A Question Mark
  28. Merch Is Murder
  29. Merch Is On Its Way Out
  30. Merch Seller In Platforms
  31. Merch Seller On Fire
  32. Merch Sellers Of The World Unite And Take Over
  33. Merch Witness
  34. Merch, Merch, Merch
  35. My Gigs Are A Procession Of People Buying My Merch
  36. My Love I'd Buy Any Merch For You
  37. My Merching Days Are Done
  38. Never Had No Merch Ever
  39. November Spawned A Merchant
  40. Our Merch
  41. Please Help The Cause Against Merchlessness
  42. Pregnant With Cash For The Last Time
  43. Satan Rejected My Merch
  44. Sell Your Merch
  45. Some Of My Best Friends Are Merch Sellers (Off topic)
  46. Teenage Merch Seller On His Stand (a.k.a Gangster`s mall)
  47. That Tote Bag Isn't Funny Anymore
  48. The Harsh Truth Of The Merch Seller's Eye
  49. The Lazy Merch Makers
  50. The Lazy Merch Takers
  51. The More You Ignore Merch, The More Expensive It Gets
  52. The Truth About Merch
  53. The Viewers Aren't Afraid Of The Merch(s).
  54. There Is A Place In Hell For Me And My Merch
  55. This Is Not Your Merch
  56. This Merch Has Opened My Eyes
  57. Trouble Loves Merch
  58. What Kind Of People Buy All These Merches
  59. You Hate It When My Merch Becomes Successful.
  60. You're Gonna Need Some Merch By Your Side
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Merch is not the world
Merch sellers who lie (stealing your money)
Merch of my beloved
All the young people must fall in love (with merch)
If you dont't like me, don't look at my merch
I knew what merch next
Sheila take a merch
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The girl from tel-aviv who wouldn’t buy merch.
Go on!
The harsh truth of the merch stand
Everyday is like merch day (posted already)
(I am) the end of the the merch stand line
The public merch
A swallow on my merch
The merch seller sleeps tonight (R.E.M off-topic)
You should have bought merch for me.
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  • Pretty Girls Make Merch
  • Unhappy Merchday
  • Miserable Merch
  • I Want The Merch I Can't Have
  • Unsellable
  • Stop Me If You Think You've Seen This Merch Before
  • Merch At One's Elbow
  • Bigmouth Buys Again
  • I Don't Owe You Any Merch
That merch isn't expensive anymore (It's a fiver for a tee and would you like to see?)
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Let's face it:
That merch isn't affordable anymore, it's expensive as hell and I need to sell, more, than you'll ever know.
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Now my pures is full.
Darling, I hug my walle, living it is a trauma no one else should face.
My merch is a work of art.
I wonder if anyone of the suggestions above will make it on a future t-shirt.
As an excuse to sell more merch.
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