The Many Faces of The Smiths

Famous when dead

I guess it's how you define genuine.
It was cited here in 2017 as a 3 CD product.
@Cornflakes at the time said:
"CD 2 appears to be the BBC Whistle Test concert show recorded at Derby Assembly Rooms in December 1983, but with the songs in a different order and the studio versions of The Boy and Heaven Knows added in."

As they have cunningly left the gig information off it, there's no way to confirm it.
That said, I'd trust Cornflake's judgement on this one.
Much like 'Poetry Hour', it looks like an odd, cobbled together copyright dodging affair.
The art/vinyl colour does stand out though.
The CD version offered much more than the vinyl:



It looks like they culled any of the established artists on the cover versions section of the record. I wonder why!?
Looks like a tenuous cash grab using vinyl collectors this time around.

It is available as a pre-order on Rough Trade too:

An original link for the CD in '17:

It says: "made in Mexico" on the CD.

Johnny Tapia

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Go preview/download the entire thing in FLAC - from the CD version.
Managed to dig up the 3 disc images, chop the huge FLACs via cue files and after a bit of info sourcing and uploading:
Enjoy - try before you buy :)
Thanks very much for all that. I got an email from Crash and wondered if I'd stumbled on something worthwhile. The vinyl itself looks interesting but not enough for me to hand over "hard earned". Thanks again for the insightful info. Much appreciated.
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