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The singer Steven Patrick Morrissey, simply known as "Morrissey" simple as "Moz" and "The Mozfather", is a hateful person. One can say so bluntly times, and it is not common, because Morrissey does not give a damn whether whomever finds it hateful. Morrissey is a racist, he's anti-social, he hates Elton John (who hates because bitteschön Elton John?) And if somewhere in his cancer chest still beats a little heart, it beats alone for wildlife and for nothing, absolutely nothing other.

That's all true, of course not so. Or is it? 7 contentious myths and facts about the great Moz, as a Basel, November 3

1. Morrissey is a big puzzle

If you need to know about one Morrissey, then: What Morrissey does not want to reveal, Morrissey reserves for himself. Or invents... So you never know exactly whether his radical statements (see next points) are also really meant. Noel Gallagher once said: "No one knows who really is Morrissey. You do not know, I do not know. I would say that his mother knows... "

2. Morrissey hates people

This finding is undeniable. There are just too many moments where Morrissey made ​​clear to mankind, how much he detests: In a fantastic interview with Simon Armitage from the "Guardian" he described the people simply as "problems". In 2009 he is said to have left the stage at the Coachella Festival with the words: "I smell flesh and I hope to God it's human flesh"

That would be kinda grumpy-yet sympathetic, unfortunately Morrissey...[makes] racist statements... In the same Guardian interview he called the Chinese a "subspecies" and expressed his displeasure with the wave of immigrants in England. The American Nazi party is to let him already come by post free sample reading.

3. Morrissey is still a virgin

Although Morrissey looks like a sex god, but he is not. Or at least he claims that. A long time ago, he once said that sex is not a part of his life. After a while, he revealed that he had lost his virginity at 13 (he described it as "accident"), then he said, he was 28.

Virgin he is probably really not. Abstain perhaps more. It circulated long rumored Morrissey lived in celibacy until it the music magazine "NME" declared in 2006 that he was no longer chaste for a long time. And also rumors about his homosexuality persist (no wonder his former band 'The Smiths' sang so well from "Hand in Glove" and "This Charming Man"). So no one cannot say exactly what is going on between Morrissey's muscular legs even today. Perhaps he is simply asexual.

Which brings us to point number four.

4. Morrissey is a saint

Morrissey is an incarnate saint, which means a not entirely successful pop facade - what is it for a pop singer, who [sings about] infanticide ("Suffer Little Children"), cripples ("November Spawned a Monster") or the difficulties of a new missed haircut ("Hairdresser on Fire")? - He has set his mind to convert humanity to the salvific cynicism... Look at the fervor with which fans worship their "Mozziah": they create shrines and zines, selling candles with his image, and write scientific treatises on the subject of "Saint Morrissey".

Furthermore, Morrissey awards in "I have forgiven Jesus" Son of God. When the time does not mean anything.

5. Morrissey loves human flesh

That's not quite so. Morrissey loves only Elton John's meat. Most of all right under his nose, served on a silver platter. In the movie "The Importance of Being Morrissey" he said. "Bring me the head of Elton John ... which is one instance in Which meat would not be murder, if it were served on a plate."

6. Morrissey loves animals

As much as Morrissey hates humanity so much he loves the animal world. He is a vegan of the hard variety, never omits any moment to make his beliefs air. He boycotted once Canada (yes, the country) to protest against the seal hunting methods. The second album of the Smiths he baptized "Meat is Murder". When he was asked what he thought of people who would eat meat, he said: "I see no difference between eating animals and pedophilia. Both are rape, violence and murder. "

British chef Jamie Oliver (an avowed carnivore) he recently wished death by gassing and said that Oliver should put one of his children in the microwave, the taste determined at least as tasty as cooked lamb.

7. Morrissey knows Superman

As much as we'd love to see the two icons in an epic battle for the Hamburger reserves of Metropolis - but unfortunately, this cover comes from the pen of a Mozzerianers. Morrissey has never met Superman. But if he would meet him, he would give Superman a spanking on his tight butt, that's for sure.

The "Mozfather" ... in Action: Morrissey plays 11/3 at the Event Hall Messe, Basel.

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Charlie Cheswick

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As usual a fair bit of that is complete bollocks. I must stop reading 99% of Morrissey related articles. In fact, make that any current articles relating to anything. As a society we seem to be relying on the opinion of complete idiots.


As usual a fair bit of that is complete bollocks. I must stop reading 99% of Morrissey related articles. In fact, make that any current articles relating to anything. As a society we seem to be relying on the opinion of complete idiots.
I hear you. Everything is trivia. 'Viral' websites and 'random fact' pages, or even worse, 'The Lad Bible', have become vehicles that too many people worship.
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