The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name....


Not Stirred
You know, you hear about probes to mars, and mapping the human genome, and you feel awed by human progress,....then you hear about something like this and it fucks it all up. I figured somebody was going to put this up eventually.

"Rodell Vereen, 50, is facing a bizarre charge that he is a recidivist horse rapist after being captured on surveillance video at the Lazy B Stables in Conway, S.C. with the same horse — a 21-year-old mare named Sugar — that he had sex with before an earlier arrest. The crime of “buggery” is tragically not uncommon (here and here and here) but habitual arrests are rare.

Vereen was on probation for bestiality with the same horse when the horse’s shotgun-toting owner caught him again.

Vereen was on probation for a buggery conviction from a November 2007 assault on Sugar. The stable believes that Vereen had sex with the animal on July 19, but police could not identify him. They were waiting for his return.
From Jonathan Turley.Org

Jon Stewart comments on the story on Daily Show:
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