The Long Blondes possible Moz reference??


Last of the famous international screw ups.
Dunno if anyone has already mentioned this but I bought The Long Blondes album the other day on the strength of the single 'Once and Never Again.'

I think it's effing blinding from start to finish and she (Kate Jackson) looks brilliant!!

Anyways on the track 'You Could Have Both' is the line:

"and who was it that sang "I know that you love one so why can't you love two?"

Of course I immediatley thought of 'My love Life' and was just wondering if anyone know's if there's is any other song they could be talking about.

I think the title of the track sound sominously like 'I Can Have Both" and to top it off they're signed to Rough Trade!!

If you haven't heard them haul you're ass onto You Tube or some other piracy device and check 'em out. Failing that just buy the album.

Pure bliss.


Last of the famous international screw ups.

Just checked the thread posted and you're right.

Although there seems to be a few others who like them as well.

Me, i'm a simple man give me a few swirling guitars, some vaguely arty lyrical references (arlene dahl) and a retro looking bird with great pins on vocals i'm pretty well sorted.

Thanks for letting me know about that interview btw, it does make me think the 'love one' lyric is a nod to M.

papa jack

reach out to the kids
I once sat next to Kate Jackson on the supertram!!
(one of my many claims to fame)

The album is quite good, reminds me of 'real' indie music from the 80's.
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