The London gigs


Life is Golden
So, I'm new to this... I'm used to going to Morrissey concerts in Denmark with friends or travelling to concerts abroad with a friend or two... But this time I'm going to the London concerts alone... Are people meeting up? Where and when? Tell me where to go!! :)
Heads up for anyone going to Brixton next Tuesday: I went there last night straight from work with laptop in bag and was warned I wouldn't get in with my rucksack. Academy Music Group have recently implemented some quite prohibitive rules about bag size - see the message on their homepage for Brixton Academy. The alternative is to check your bag into a popup on Astoria Walk or (I'm not making this up) the kebab shop around the corner. :unsure:
If you’re after a few drinks in Soho before (or after) the Palladium, I’d recommend the Blue Posts on Berwick Street (there’s three pubs with that name very close to each other, but this is the best), the French House (if you can find a space), and the Toucan (if you want a Guinness or five).
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