"The light has gone out – it's time we stopped giving Morrissey attention" by Fiona Sturges

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Radis Noir, Oct 31, 2019.

By Radis Noir on Oct 31, 2019 at 7:58 AM
  1. Radis Noir

    Radis Noir Active Member

    Jul 1, 2019
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Radis Noir, Oct 31, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Garbled my arse. He made this statement in an interview he set up with his own nephew as the interviewer. He knew exactly what he saying. It's a damning quote because he said it when he had complete control of the environment in which it was uttered.

      Garbled. Is that the latest defence?
    2. Anonymous
      I bet you my autographed Kenneth Williams photograph you have a very big nose.
    3. Nerak
      They can't. He's only doing it because he's too old to realise media is no longer chip-paper. It's as permanent as your birth certificate, one search away, forever.
    4. Nerak
      If you read the whole thing, it's garbled & that was the mitigation he was going for.

      Talking to his nephew is not being in control because neither of them knew what needed to be controlled. You need to work it out with a PR who will explain that it can still be cherry-picked & spun & you have to be very careful about every line.
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    5. Nerak
      Why would I have a big nose?
    6. gashonthenail
      The above statement is just a basic fact of social psychology. Put 50 people in a room and as a general rule white people tend to sit with other whites, black people with other blacks etc. This is true the world over. Men tend to sit with other men, women with other women. Young with other young people, older with other older people. It's the psychology of sameness. People tend to hang out with people who are like them and have the same views as them. Doesn't mean that racial integration is impossible or that such instinctual social groupings are inherently 'racist'. It's just basic human group behaviour.
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    7. Anonymous
      Your argument seems to be that Morrissey garbled racist statements. Why? If he is not in control of his own thoughts and words who is? If you're suggesting Morrissey is just too stupid to understand the implications of his remarks - you could be correct. That however does not negate the racism inherent in the remarks.
    8. Rogelio Castro
      Rogelio Castro
      Cancel culture can suck a d*ck when it comes to Morrissey. If you don't understand him by now you were never a fan. As long as he continues to perform I'll go watch him.

      Also fk all these articles with no comment boards trying to push a false census.
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    9. gordyboy9
      correct,M has been to the four corners of the globe, some people on here haven't made it further than the end of their street.
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    10. Anonymous
      Mommy is calling you , she's ironed your boxers Casanova.
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    11. Anonymous
      So, Morrisey has had an opportunity to travel therefore Morrissey is right. For fuck sake.
    12. reelfountain
      The modern liberal left are the most bullying, intolerant, authoritarian people out there.

      Their targeting and tantruming over Morrissey is like watching spoiled children scream for more sugar.
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    13. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      You need to work it out with a PR who will explain that it can still be cherry-picked & spun & you have to be very careful about every line.

      Yes, very sad times we live in were what one says will be spun and labeled as ‘racist’. So to remain popular, mandatory self-censoring is the order of the day.

      ‘We will never make good slaves !’

      Though Morrissey is not one to explain himself after, nor does he do what is expected of him.

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    14. reelfountain
      Liberals are the unpaid slaves of globalists.

      Long may Morrissey speak the truth!
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    15. Anonymous
      "Everyone ultimately prefers their own race… does this make everyone racist? The people who reduce every conversation down to a matter of race could be said to be the most traditionally ‘racist’ because everything in life is NOT exclusively a question of race, so why make it so?"

      So why does he make it so?

      Having a preference for, or against something, doesn't make anyone racist but consistent statements that support racist tropes absolutely does. The excuses made by Morrissey, and on behalf of Morrissey, regarding his race related comments are juvenile in the extreme. Morrissey, it seems, is capable of misintepreting himself in his own carefully constructed and guarded interviews. His racism is so inherent he now can't help himself and has no-one to highlight his stupidity.

      One, two, possibly three comments could, with generosity, be argued as misinterpretation but where are we now in terms of the number of statements he has made and actions he has taken?

      I have been generous with Morrissey. For the longest time I never thought he could be racist. It seemed quite impossible to me. No longer. Whether aware or unaware he makes racist statements far too often for any one in the public eye to make that many public 'mistakes'. Remember this is a man who guardedly has not indenfitied as a gay or bisexual man despite his numerous male/male sexual relationships. It seems when it suits him he can be extremely guarded and dignified (I have no desire for him to delare anything about his sexuality) yet, equally unguarded and undignified on race issues and also in his support of alt right organisations that target people of differing faith.

      I'm done with Morrissey apologists. By all means enjoy the music but don't fool yourself that the person who created it is anything other than racist.
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    16. Anonymous
      Fuck! Who woke up the racist version of Nora Batty?
    17. Kupenculi
      It was a big thing in those days. Whatever Morrissey said, you believed it. He was a prophet. We were young school children but he used words we'd never heard of. When you're young, if anyone used words that werent part of your every day vocalabulary you thought they were special. Words like 'hideous', gruesome' Now I can hear those words and they mean nothing, but when you're young and impressionable you'd never heard those words spoken before. It was the first time you'd heard them. You asked yourself, what do they mean? Everyday words but he was always so much more clever.
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    18. Nerak
      I wish he would conform for once though - it's a hell of a hate storm to put yourself through for nothing.
    19. Morrissey's left nut
      Morrissey's left nut

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    20. reelfountain
      Most of Great Britain agree wholeheartedly with Morrissey's views.

      They're right behind him. So why would he fret?

      You're getting the views of the despised moneyed media class confused with real life.
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