The Lancashire Post: "Fans remember when The Smiths played in Lancashire" (20 September, 2019)

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    A follow-up to a story by The Lancashire Post in January - where they were looking for anyone who attended any Smiths' gigs in Lancashire as a book was being written.
    Information about a signed, limited run hardback surfaced in July.
    It is now complete and available shortly (due on or around September 29).
    The article features a few fan recollections from the book as a taster.

    The Smiths – The Day I Was There is by Richard Houghton & published via This Day In Music Books:


    'A new book about indie music legends The Smiths recalls memories of the band’s famous live concerts. Here, in an exclusive excerpt, we look back to some of the Manchester band’s Lancashire dates'

    "The Smiths – The Day I Was There, compiled by music historian Richard Houghton, is a ‘people’s history’ containing more than 400 fan recollections of the group’s live shows, including memories of the band’s gigs in Lancaster and Blackpool in 1984 and the infamous 1986 show at Preston’s Guild Hall, cut short after a missile was thrown at lead singer Morrissey."


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Sep 21, 2019.

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