The Killers copied Barbarism Begins at Home's bass

Blue Toe

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I'll grant you they are similar basslines, but I'd hardly call it a copy. And, as phenomenal as Rourke's original was, and as infinitely superior as The Smiths were to The Killers, I greatly prefer Jennie Was A Friend Of Mine to Barbarism Begins At Home.

Of additional relevance to this thread is the fact that this Killers' song was chosen by Morrissey to be included on his NME compilation disc Songs To Save Your Life, and that The Killers opened for him on an early leg of the You Are The Quarry tour. They also covered Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself during a radio session.

(Just in case some didn't know...)


I like the Killers but I just don't hear it . Hey Cosmic do the the guitar players in The Killers do much when the group sings live ? Just wondering because in video ( all I ever see of them ) they don't move around much at all . The singer runs around but that is it .
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