The Irish Star.. 27th Dec, anyone?

Helen Bach

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This is my final request for anyone who may still have a copy of the Star newspaper, Irish edition, from Wednesday 27th December.
There was a small article about Morrissey's comments on wee Daniel O'Donnell.

Please send me a private message if you can help.

Thanking you kindly.

Happy nude year.
If you do a search on google news there are plenty of articles in Irish newspapers about this. I'm pretty sure they would have all run exactly the same story.

It's not very interesting, just the usual news agency story. :rolleyes:

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately the only articles it brings up are the ones using the 'amusing' agency feed, which was written days after the Irish Star piece. As per usual the lazy online newspapers have merely reprinted the ready-made version which avoids the truth and is crammed with made up info and mis-quotes. It has absolutely no connection to the correct story which was printed in the Star and Mirror on Wednesday. But it appears to be what people want. Sigh.

I need the original Star article only. I am quite well aware of the content of the story but I would like to have a copy for my end of year report files, or something.
Anyway, thanks for trying.
Crappy Christmas..etc.

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