the i hate hen nigts thread

I don't mind them. Always some loose totty up for a snog.
never been on one... but the idea of hoards of drunken women rattling pots and up for a good time scares the hell out of me.:(
every pub I went into on friday it seemed like the same hen night was following me. as soon as they walk in the door they always feel the need to let you know that they've arrived with a very high pithed "wooooooooooh". they expect everyone else to fund the brides night out by wanting a pound for a kiss, whats that all about.
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f***ing trolls with their blow up men f*** off:guitar:

Oh my God - are you from Blackpool too? :lbf:

I'd add to that list - men on Stag Do's
Drunken Tourists
Tourists that loose all ability to look before they cross the road
Tourists that don't look before they cross tramlines and get run over by trams that move at 10 mph and that you can hear 5 mins before you see them
People that walk round topless/in strappy tops as soon as the temperature reaches 15 degrees celcius
Drunken Football Fans

Glad I don't live in the Town Centre....
Are you guys talking about a bachelor party?
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