The Guardian: "Who’s bad? From Michael Jackson to David Bowie, why are some stars uncancellable" by Tim Jonze - tiny Moz mention (April 1, 2024)


How do you grapple with cases in which there are conflicting views and grey areas? Does Morrissey’s embrace of far-right political groups such as For Britain have to be weighed on some kind of moral scale against Johnny Marr’s progressive values, to work out if the Smiths are cancelled? Should Benjamin Zephaniah be shunned for being violent towards a former girlfriend, or is he excused because he was the one who wrote about it, expressing regret and the need to be better? Before long, my list of factors had spiralled into a tangle of nuances and contradictions.
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Bizarre they would think that though. None of your posts would indicate such a thing. Folks, Your typical Misserrey fan right here.
Not typical, but otherwise cannot argue, this once.
Yes, one of the things that irritates me about that article is the way that Morrissey is lumped in with alleged wife beaters, paedophiles and rapists. I don't personally share a lot of his views, but unlike the other examples cited, he did nothing illegal.....
Wrong-think is just as heinous a crime in the Guardian's eyes. Nothing worse than a political enemy..
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